big day for k.

stef. how jealous am i of your bathroom remodel? you and s belong on HGTV! seriously. i am so excited to see the finished project and to use it when i come see you. which will be very soon. can you put in heated tiles for my feet?

as you know, k is no longer a baby. the big 1 came too quickly. he celebrated in style. and we praised the LORD for his health. can’t say a day goes by that we don’t celebrate the miracle God did in his little life.


i was able to find a local bakery that makes vegan gluten free cupcakes. since k is allergic to eggs, dairy and gluten, these cupcakes were a must! he picked it up, smashed it in his hand, and proceeded to eat all the crumbs. he even fed me and j some. sweet little angel.

we visited daddy at work and we were enthralled by the fountain.


i can’t believe my baby is one already.

went to the sugarland concert with j. it was fab! the lead singer is pregnant and she had a cute bump and all i could think was how is she belting out these tunes while she is with child? i am a lightweight. singing in church was a chore for me when i was pregnant with k… it made me winded. pathetic with a capital p. ooh, check out this new band we heard! they opened for sugarland and i really liked them.

let’s see, what else. still no gluten around here. j is a trooper trying these new recipes. lots of quinoa and brown rice bread. i am learning to like it all! here is a new recipe i tried for dairy-free “butter.” k and i like it a lot. i put it on g-free bread, veggies – everything!

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Oleolux Recipe


  • Onion
  • Chemically non-hydrogenated coconut fat/oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Garlic

1. Put 4 oz. of flax oil into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator.

2. Heat 1 cup of coconut oil with a medium-sized onion cut into 4 parts. Sauté until the onion starts to brown (5 to 8 minutes). Add 10 garlic cloves and continue sautéing until they are light brown (which takes about 3 to 5 minutes). Pour this mix through a strainer into the cold flax oil. Stir and immediately put back into freezer compartment. When fully cooled, put into and store in fridge.

i also bought dr. budwig’s cookbook. lots of yummy recipes including this one that i eat for breakfast! i don’t use quark because i pretty much have no clue what it is and i haven’t taken the time to figure it out. wasn’t that the name of the dog on honey i shrunk the kids? that movie reminds me of little caesar’s pizza nights with our once-per-week-only friday night soda. we had/have the best parents ever.  hmm, pizza. going to miss it. need to find a good recipe for gluten free pizza crust this week. also flippers needs to come up with an acceptable (yummy) gluten free pizza. anyone out there, hint, hint?

what is this, you ask? my new best friend. baking soda. why didn’t i discover its amazing-ness much earlier in life? have been putting it in k’s bath. his rashes are clearing up on his legs! i soak my feet in the bath with him for a quick pretend pedicure and it makes my feet oh-so-soft. also – i add 1 tsp of it to my shampoo once a week. makes for great hair. don’t tell sammy since she thinks she’s the prettiest sister already. ha. what else… j and i have been making a past of 1 part water, 3 parts baking soda and washing our faces with it. it works great. i add it to my laundry detergent, my dishes, and even scrub the tub with it. what more could you ask for. try it sis… you are missing out if baking soda is not an integral part of your life.

oh sis, k is a pointing machine! he learned how one day and points at absolutely everything. you will die when you see it. it melts my heart. i am one of those annoying moms who is proud when their kid picks their nose. it’s true. but you will be the same way one day. being a mommy is my favorite. being your sister is pretty great too. love.


mr. fix it

beck. how cute is k with his new swing set. i must come down to fl and play with him! can’t wait for birthday pics of my boy. noticed i haven’t posted in a while? it’s true. life has been busy and a little messy. here is what we are in the middle of:

Imagebye bye small bathroom, hello big bathroom with big tub!

Imageif you are looking for potty privacy, our house is just not the place right now. i am afraid our bathroom opens up to the living room right now. open floor plan we are calling it. tmi? it’s true.

but s is so handy and studly and has built us a wall and a little nook for my super sweet roman tub that he gave me as my wedding gift. told you. he’s the best.

Imagefirst bath in the new, well not quite new, bathroom. and boy was this a treat. we were without water for four days and s worked until 2am the last night just to get me water. guess i can add smokin hot plumber to his handy man list. 

we are still in the process of bathroom remodeling and i took that picture a week and a half ago and the bathroom still looks pretty much the same becuase while in the midst of bathroom demo, this happened:

Imageand by this, i mean our air went out. but good news! we have a new window. ugh. s wont let me cook because it heats up the whole house. that’s almost worse than living with no air conditioning! a week and a half with no air is slightly insane in AL but we keep telling ourselves it’s preparation for our dreams of living oversees. oh and since we are on the topic of no running water and no air, our washer went out too. thank heaven for super sweet sister in laws who let me use their washer. life. savor. 

as much as i love to help s, or at least try to help s with the bathroom. sometimes i am just no help. so here is what i have busied myself with. yep. diy.

Imagebye bye shower curtain…

Image… hello kitchen curtains!

bye bye boring white pantry doors (oops no before!)…

Imagehello chalkboardy curtain cuteness!

old picture frame, scrap book paper, old drawer handles and….

ImageImageImageImagewala!!! love my new last name. 

so much more to post but i think i have maxed out on my pictures. give little k a kiss for me. can’t believe he turned one! still waiting on our visit from beck and k….

happy birthday sweet k! uncle s and auntie tess love you! (and will NEVER forget the 12 hours we spent in the hospital waiting on you to get here. s is such a trooper.)


he is my cupcake.

stef. omg. i made the granola, smoothie, and the apple crisp! the hubs, who is not normally a huge sweets fan, dubbed the apple crisp none other than “crispy-licious.” that’s a good sign. i love sharing recipes with you! here is a yummy one for you: mexicali sliders. they are on chef chloe’s website. we had them tonight and they were so good! they taste even better knowing just how healthy they are. k even munched on some black beans while i made them. happy momma.


well, when we returned from our trip, what did we find in the backyard? a swing set! k was ecstatic! actually, we were. j says even without the wagon (which you stole from us), our backyard kicks your backyard’s tail. seriously, it was the sweetest thing ever. k’s grandparents are incredible. we play on it a minimum of 3 times per day and usually a maximum of 5.



reading lots of books these days. k is soaking everything up. he is a red-headed little sponge with a touch of naughtiness. but i love it. our favorite is this baby:




i will be buying it for your offspring one day so please refrain. our cousin j told me and mom about some really cool books called indestructibles that babies can crinkle without ripping them. k is going to be needing these too. in other news, zoey is taking one for the team daily. she is so patient with k pulling on her face and poking her eyeballs all the time.




i am getting so excited for boutique for a week! it’s coming in a month and i can hardly wait. how much do i love consignment?! well that’s about all that’s happening down here in the FL. that apple crisp is beeping to come out of the oven! gots to go.

food for eating.

beck. my heart is so full of joy. in the mist of a trying situation you continue to lean on Christ and his healing powers. much like treating the symptoms you talk about, i think of how Christ has saved us from ours. i love hearing how well k is doing and love hearing all about your findings. s and i are benifitting tremenduos from your research. s even took kale chips to work the other day as a snack and he said they were an office hit!

in the life of the j’s here is what has been happening:

wednesday i subbed in a preschool class and fell in love. like head-over-heals. well that’s not true. i’m only head-over-heals for s, but for the sake of making a dramatic point it worked. fingers crossed hoping i get the job.

last weekend i went on a girls trip to charleston, sc. welcome to the land of markets, and basket weaving, preppy bow ties and seer sucker boys, quaint beach houses and long piers, king street shops, the lost dog cafe and fun with girl friends. we had oodles of fun. and of course, the best part, i got to see this girl!


i got to sit on a beach and read charles martin’s new book thunder and rain. it was heavenly. except i missed s so much and couldn’t wait to get back to him. being married is the best and i love every minute of being with the sweet hubs. i had no idea it would be this fun, or that s would just keep getting hotter and hotter. don’t believe me? proof.


i came home to these waiting for me. gardening gloves for my new found hobby and a new tennis racket. maybe this one has special powers and i can beat s one day. or i can just keep dreaming and look cute with my pink racket and matching shoes. #imatotalgirl.

i started working on these outdated beauties.


finished product soon to come! i realized that i hate painting french doors. and green means go for painting tape is actually false in this case. needless to say the windows have turned white and are in serious need of scraping. diy on hold.

recipe time! i know this is really what you are waiting for. while you are feeding me with all of the research and findings and healthy eating tips, i am testing new recipes. here are the ones you have been asking for. the credit goes to my friend l. she is the brains behind these recipes, i just follow the recipe card.

kale chips…yum yum yum

i buy the fresh bunches (not in a bag) because they have larger leaves.

wash, cut, oil, salt (i use garlic salt), bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. don’t let them burn!



i am munching on these popcorn tasting green leaves right now.

healthy-not-so-yummy-looking-but-oh-so-yummy smoothie! 

handful of kale
handful of spinach
i use a scoop vanilla flavored yogurt
scoop of ground flax seed
squirt of juice


i wont show you the after picture because you might not try it. don’t let the green scare you. it’s yummy. s even approved and it has become my lunch every day.

l’s healthy granola


between this and the kale chips, these have become our new healthy snaking. and both are all sorts of tasty goodness.

and lots and lots and lots of other deliciously clean eating recipes including the pf changs lettuce wrap’s s and i devoured last night and the honey apple crisp that makes you melt can be found on a small snippet.

oh remember weeks ago when i posted that smokin hot pic of s starting the demo for our bathroom? well life happened so that bathroom didn’t. but this weekend it’s life step aside and hello huge bath tub and bathroom makeover.

gotta go. have a diy i need to clean up. major craftermath. and s is due home soon.

wait, speaking of craftermath. stayed in the cutest old beach house in folly, sc for our girls trip. let’s just say i can’t go anywhere that i don’t find a diy i want to do. layed in bed and starred at these beautiful-must-find-a-way-to-do ceilings.

Imagethought’s on how to butter up s?

bee photographie added s and i to her blog. it’s like christmas morning anytime i get to see more wedding pics pop up! click here to die of cuteness: bee blog.

love you sis. miss you. can’t wait to blog about the invitation i just made to k’s first birthday party. loved skyping with you and k yesterday. tootles.

the beast is yeast

stef. today’s topic: fungus. there’s a fungus among us. sis – as you know, candida albicans was a master of mischief in our home. specifically in my body, and then on into k’s tiny body too. who would have ever thought the “beastie yeastie” (as the hubs calls it) could wreak havoc on your body in so many ways? head to the doctor and he will tell you your problems are unrelated. or he will prescribe you antibiotics (candy, as i call it, because they hand it out like such). or he will scratch his head, like mine did, and send you to a naturopathic doctor who will look at the whole picture.

candida. it’s a fungus. responsible in my life for the following conditions and many more:

– chronic headaches

– extreme irritiability/depression/anxiety

– joint pain/arthritis in the hands

– bacterial infections – UTI’s, strep, etc.

– weakened immune system

– chronic pain (people, i am in my twenties!)

– chronic debilitating fatigue

– autoimmune symptoms

– crazy pms

and in little k’s life for these:

– diaper rash

– oral thrush

– food allergies

– behavior/mood changes

– weight loss/poor appetite

– crazy ezcema

– cradle cap

– weakened immune system

people, this stuff is real. i’ve lived it. i am thinking of going back to school just so i can get someone to believe me when i say, i guarantee candida is a factor in a host of diseases and ailments today. my medicine cabinet is empty and i feel better than ever. no more anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds. no more birth control. no more advil or tylenol. no more antibiotics. no more midol or cramps at all. NONE. i fought the yeast war and i am winning. we are still fighting it with k, and it is hard to watch. some days he does better than others but we are keeping on it.

what is going on inside your body is manifested in your skin. i have glowing, clear skin now. my hair is softer, curlier. my whole life has changed because i fought this beast and won! i have never felt so good and healthy.

here is the battle plan my naturopath gave me.

1. follow an anti-yeast diet (no refined sugars/breads/some fruits – these foods feed the yeast in you and makes your body more acidic. a more alkaline pH keeps candida under control in the body).

2. take probiotics. 30 billion count or higher

3. treat the fungal infection

4. stay the heck away from antibiotics

it has felt like a war. the poor hubs has watched his baby and baby mama be sicker than we ever imagined. and it’s driven me further and further down a rabbit hole that has shaken my confidence in regard to modern medicine.

why did my doctor treat my symptoms for 6 years, only to scratch his head and send me to someone who knew what he was talking about? why aren’t our doctors being taught about the incredible connection between fungus and disease? i am no one – no M.D., no nurse – nothing. but i lived this stuff. it took over my life and now i am free of it and i want other people to know it can be fixed – often without medicine. i am starting to believe God put everything here that we needed and we are searching for an answer that has always been there. paying into the biggest business out there – the pharmaceutical industry. i believe my doctor had my best interest in mind, and really cared about me. i just believe there is something missing when we treat the symptoms and not the cause.

my new journey: fungus in relation to cancer. i am fanatically interested in studying the connection candida has to many ailments. articles that i have recently read discuss the significance of anti-fungal treatment even for cancer. it’s funny – italian doctor Tulio Simoncini treats the fungal infections and has successfully treated cancer using sodium bicarbonate. the fancy word for… baking soda, which is a natural anti-fungal.  sounds insane. the studies are chilling because they cite the overuse of antibiotics as a factor in allowing the cancer cells to grow. why? antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. the good bacteria can’t keep the fungus from growing out of control. a poor diet feeds the fungus. if this theory is found to be true, which some studies have shown, even antibiotics can be dangerous for us. they sure made me sick. again, i am nobody, and i am just trying to find answers. just investigating things that are so near and dear to my heart. i will keep reporting on what i find. here is a crazy video the hubs and i watched last night. we aren’t making any claims. just researching because we are so curious now, after seeing the changes in my life.

could it really be that easy? are we suffering more than we need to, covering up our diseases with drugs that don’t treat our actual problem? and like mine, could all our seemingly unrelated ailments actually have a connection to one another? my life changed when i began to look at the body as a whole – it is God’s incredible machine. all i know is this – 6 years of problems, all mysteriously gone when i was treated for candida. it’s uncanny.

i love the search for truth. it opens your eyes and it sets you free.

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  -john 8:32

hey sis, by the way. left my heart in san francisco. i mean, left my phone in tennessee. can you call me because i don’t know your number. how sad is that. also, please use the secret sister language as code so i know it’s you when you call. aloha. (remember, it means hello and goodbye).

cool as a cucumber.

stef. it was a great trip. on the way up we sat in a row of 3 on the plane. me with k on my lap, j beside us, and a little boy named mark beside j. mark was just a kid we sat beside for an hour. but i believe God sent him to us specifically for that hour.

j and i watched as he started to open a present. his dad (who sat in the row behind us) had placed it on his lap as the plane started to taxi. all of a sudden i knew what the present was and i started blubbering before he got it open. yep, stef, you guessed it – a coloring book, crayons, spiderman stickers, and best of all…silly putty. all of a sudden i was back in the minivan in our assigned seats to keep the fighting to a minimum and we were opening our vacation presents. the dollar store cheap toys that are so cheap but mean so much. and i couldn’t choke back the tears as i remembered our parents’ love for us in such a simple way that continues to have an impact on my life. part of it was nostalgia for the simpler days. but more than that, it was remembering again the sacrificial and intentional love of a mom and dad like ours.

we found out that mark was adopted from haiti during the earthquake. he was 18 months old at the time and 8 pounds. kidney failure, dropped off at the hospital by his father, almost dead. his parents were doing medical missions and took him home. took him home, gave him a new life, and made him the sweet, mannered, darling, LOVED child that clearly is today. and as i thought about that, all i could think of was our savior and how adoption is the clearest picture of his love for us. it was a great reminder.

had the best time ever in the ol’ heartland. the sis in law shared the greatest recipes with me that k can eat! really, as it turns out, he does best on a vegan diet. which is basically no animal stuff at all. weird. i never dreamed i, lover of all things meat and dairy, would have to feed my kid vegan stuff. but here’s the catch. the recipes she shared with me are de-li-cious. currently, i am stuffing my face with these babies. to die for. thank you, chocolate covered katie for your yummy blog, and thank you sis-in-law for telling me about it!

feeling cool as a cucumber these days. digging deeper and deeper into this nutrition stuff because it fascinates me now. food was my problem. food was k’s problem. we are watching all our ailments slip away as we get farther and farther down this road called food. also, the hubs is a believer. he says he has a new wife and if food can do that for me, he is wondering what it can do for him. yay!

what is all this healthy food doing in my house?

reading for this week… going to get my hands on this book about the relationship between disease and diet. i am a believer and just want to read as much about it as i can. oh, and check out me and k on the boat! he passed out and slept in my arms. it was bliss.

sis, did i mention i miss you? because it’s getting a little ridiculous… you have to see k. he is even yummier than these fudge babies i am devouring. L-to-the-ater.

lake days.

beck. oopsies. dropped the posting ball. which means overload post with all the oodles and oodles of fun that has been had here in t’ville. first, proud of you. all you are doing for k, and all that he has to thank you for. what a rockstar mommy. moms reading this: take notes. and don’t let the cod liver scare you. seriously. k is so lucky to have you as a mommy. and props for putting k’s story on here. so many mommies will learn from you. 

k and i starred similarly at the fireworks. my mouth too was wide open as we watched. ate a bug, that’s how i know. 

so the rents were here last weekend. please tell me you got the picture texts of mom wake boarding and knee boarding? hil-wait for it-arious. and dad was a champ getting up on two skis and wake boarding and knee boarding. i however had the best fall. let’s just say when you are out in the water, s screaming “nooooo” from the boat sounds a lot like “goooo” which in that case, i went for it. and the it, ended up being concrete water. it’s true. 


thats mom. tearing it up.


and dad. tearing it up.


oh. that’s me pulling s on his new radar ski i got him as my wedding gift to him.

we had a great visit. lots of eating. of course. and lots of laughing. 

what have i been diying lately? so glad you asked. hurry up and send me a pic of k for his 1st birthday card. made these sweet little postcard invites for a precious little girl here.


since we are on the baby topic….. jk.

but here are some cute onsies i made for a sweet little baby boy coming soon. went to a little get together called “pampers and prayers”. bring some diapers and spend the evening praying for the coming soon baby and mama. so sweet. another fuzzibunz fan! i found the cutest little under the sea fuzzibunz for the new baby. k needs some.


look familiar? 🙂 hurry up and have another little one. k is growing too fast and my onsies only go up to three months! stud points for s. he helped sew on the whale for me while i was making him tacos. he is the best. sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky.

s and i celebrated the 4th out on the water. what better way to celebrate? the mcgehee’s joined us and we spent the day playing in the sun. until the thunder clouds drove us away. then we headed to the t’vill fireworks show. new favorite band: act of congress. ah-may-zing. last year s and i were in nicaragua for the 4th so this was a little different. 


observation: your posts are so deep and wordy. mine are pictures. shoot. you are so much cooler than me. 

i’m off to charleston this weekend for a girls weekend. sad to leave s but excited to see the friends. why you are heading to tennessee this weekend and not to see me i will never understand. but i guess i will forgive you. i need some k lovin and he needs to see his auntie tess. asap. 

oh almost forgot. check this out.


it’s super cheap. super great and from whole foods. and the best part…


you’re adding it to your grocery list now. you’re welcome.

love you sis. miss you and k and j lots and lots and hope i am laying the guilt trip on thick enough to make you come visit me soon. tootles.

some of everything.

stef. apparently you are busy because we have been awaiting your post and you are silent. are you out there? are you too busy with that new husband of yours? or is it all your pinteresting that has kept you away?

fireworks were k’s favorite. he jumped at the first one, but really enjoyed them after that. he stared and stared and his little eyes were all lit up.

in other news, we spent monday with the aunts and cousins at their hotel. we spent hours in the lazy river. k was a water baby. the minute he got in the water he sprang to life as if he was a little fish-boy. we forwent our naps (both of them) and even our meals just to kick and splash in the water. he.was.obsessed. we are going to need to do swim lessons because the little nugget kept wanting to push off of me, as if he wouldn’t sink to the bottom like a rock if i let him go. silly nugget.

one aunt, you know the one, shared her pina colada with me and loved on k and talked about tatoos with us. she is half adult, half child, and fully hilariously wonderful to be around. the kind of person you can always count on to be in a good mood and bring the fun. the other aunt who drove all the way from south dakota – oh it was so good to see her. she always gets tears in her eyes when we leave and i love that about her. she held k and got her clothes all wet all day and didn’t care. k got so excited about her holding him that at one point he just went in for a bite of her face. also she called me a queen like she always does and it’s our little inside joke and maybe i am her favorite niece. yep, probably. here is a pic of k showing uncle j who is boss.

okay, the cabinets are coming along amazingly. nowhere near done but worlds better and brighter and i love ’em.  lindz came by to let zoey out for us the other day. wish i had taken a picture of the note she left on the counter. i quote: “CABINETS ARE REDONK!” which means a lot to hear coming from her because she is artsy and creative and amazing just like you. why oh why have i been blessed with the best sisters in the world – i don’t deserve it!

today feels like monday because yesterday felt like the weekend. alas it is thursday. getting ready for our trip and stopping to pick up some disposable diapers (i am a diaper snob now) because the fuzzibunz can often be too much work when on vacay and doesn’t this momma deserve a break now and then? getting ready for the lake and the woods and guns and lenny’s subs (minus the bread due to my new g-free diet) and earthfare and shopping with the sister-in-law! i will wave to you out my left airplane window as we head north tomorrow morning at an unthinkably early hour. wave back in your sleep if you love me. later sista.

he’s back.

stef. love that house. it is gorgeous! i could easily live across the street from you. we would a) bake paleo recipes b) do way too many crafts and c) do tracy every morning while k crawled on our faces and pulled our hair. sigh. that sounds too good to be true. i really miss you.

well. decided to copy you (surprise, surprise) and here is a before picture of our outdated, 80’s kitchen.


i am covered in paint. the hubs commented that i looked a bit trashy. of course, after we went to dinner and michaels and walmart and walked around town. after all that he mentioned that i had too much paint on me to look presentable. good timing j. alas, i am covered in paint because i can’t stop painting. it is addicting. every time k goes down for a nap i am painting. here is where we are so far.


getting there. going to install glass front doors on a few of them and make the cabinet above the stove a shelf for cookbooks. will be a work in progress and will keep you posted.

praising God for k’s health. ezcema is basically gone. gone! for the first time in 7 months my baby is starting to seem healthy. no spitting up, skin issues, tons of energy and babbling, interacting with us and melting our hearts. we are so thankful that God led us to all the answers to his health problems.

k went to an alternative pediatrician last week. alternative just means she is an MD open to things most traditional doctors aren’t. it was the best thing i ever did for him. she looked at me and said, “don’t you ever let someone talk you out of your gut feeling, even if it’s me or any other doctor.” she told me the formula recipe i was using was perfect and asked to keep the recipe. she referred me to a chinese herbalist for some more help for k’s digestive issues (still can’t get him to touch solid foods.) i want to share k’s story for any mommies out there who might be struggling with some of the health issues that kept me and j up at night, praying for answers.

of course, k’s story starts with me, because he grew inside me. i was recently diagnosed with a systemic candida (yeast) infection, which was six years in the making. six years of headaches, brain fog, debilitating fatigue, chronic headache and sore throat, painful periods, chronic bacterial infections, mood swings…you name it, i had it, right sis? i was a mess and all my problems were very much related…and very much related to food. in my early 20’s and j used to say he married an old lady. i needed 12 hours of sleep and still no energy. so after years of drugs and searching, i finally went to an integrative physician, who looked at my health issues as a whole. my diagnosis – candida, low vitamin d, and food intolerances. they put me on a strong probiotic (those ones at the grocery store are NOT strong enough – I take 50 billion count probiotics each night), a month’s worth of diflucan for the yeast, and 6,000 IU of vitamin d per day. one more thing – he suggested cutting out gluten. changed my life. i also took out 90% of the sugar i used to eat a day. j will tell you – i am my old self again and he is a happy man.

the problem is, candida feeds off of sugar and goes wild. women are not supposed to consume more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. 6 teaspoons, people! read your labels – that is hardly any at all! i was shocked when i started looking for added sugar in my diet. and i cut it out as well as gluten and i have energy, no more mood problems, virtually don’t even notice my periods because they are so light and painless, and am excited to eat healthy because it has changed my life. one thing – it takes a few weeks to kick the cravings. don’t give in! the doctor told me my body would crave it terribly at first. oh boy, did it. but i am past that point now.

so. i was going on my merry way, literally a new woman, when i started to notice subtle changes in baby k. after his 9 month shots, he was a little different. i had been giving him one shot at once, and then on a whim decided to let them give him 2 shots to get it over with at his 9 month appointment. big mistake. then, a month later he tried a speck of egg white with dinner. we were at urgent care that night with a swollen face, ears, and hives all over. so i now knew my son had food allergies.

a week later he had slipped away from me. no more eye contact, started flapping his hands, banging his head, making high pitched sounds, wouldn’t even respond to his name. he stopped clapping, smiling, he was silent. he just stared blankly. i knew every sign of autism by heart. it was my worst fear, and it was coming true. these children typically have food allergies, and overall signs of a weakened immune system – cradle cap, ezcema, chronic fatigue and diarrhea. my son was a textbook case of it.

so i went to work. my old pediatrician had told me, when k was 2 days old, that i was panicky and worrisome and that “of course shots don’t cause autism.” so there. to which i would now say, that’s half true. they are just one piece of the puzzle. from all my research, i have found this to be true: autism is directly caused by a weakened immune system due to several factors. stunning fact: mothers with immune dysfunction (autoimmune disorders) are more likely to have autistic children. hmm. more on that here.

my son had antibiotics every 4 hours for the first 2 days of his life, the crucial time where the microflora of the digestive system is being established. what’s so important about microflora in the digestive system? Most of your immune system – my doctor told me 2/3 of it – resides in your gut – the stomach and intestines. antibiotics kill the good guy bacteria off so the bad guys can grow. k had no good guy bacteria, at least not enough, to fight the candida. everyone has it, it’s just some people have too much and it gets out of hand and you end up like me or like my baby – very sick. Allergies, asthma, and many other problems have been found to be caused by a lack of good bacteria in the gut. fascinating stuff.

so, weak immune system = overgrowth of yeast. the good bacteria coats your intestines. so when you don’t have enough, this can make your intestines permeable. not good. this is called leaky gut. this means food particles, bad bacteria, and toxins that are usually carried out of the body as waste, can leak out into the bloodstream before they are digested. hence the inability for my son to properly digest eggs. the particles leaked into his bloodstream and his body attacked, hence the hives.

long story short, k has digestive issues due to a weak immune system and leaky gut. his doctor told us that a baby grows in a sterile environment in the womb, and then inherits the beginnings of his digestive microflora from his mother during birth. well, k, i am sorry, all i had to give you was yeast. i am so sorry.

the new doctor told us his tiny body isn’t in any state to handle the toxins in vaccinations due to his compromised immunity. we will revisit the shot issue later, but for now she refuses to vaccinate him herself, because she believes we would be looking at autism for sure…and this from an MD. said she has seen it happen too many times. she said, well, the studies sure say otherwise but have you met the smiths? no? the bakers? hmm. the johnsons? she said she has seen it enough times to know what’s going on when these babies come in normal and wake up the next day anything but normal. she also told us to “follow the money” and consider how much of it is wrapped up in the business of vaccines. like i said. shots don’t cause autism. they just put toxins in a child’s body that babies like mine can’t handle as well as a perfectly healthy, candida-free baby. it’s happening every day, to more and more children. here is an interesting article about the toxins in vaccinations. and here is information on the issue of giving babies tylenol after shots… tylenol depletes glutathione, which is an amino acid responsible for detoxification. so my baby was getting shots loaded with toxins, then his body couldn’t remove them properly due to a dose of tylenol.

actress jenny mccarthy has a ton of info out there about these issues. here is her website. i love her quote on the subject (she uses a gluten-free, casein-free diet for autism, too):

People have the misconception that we want to eliminate vaccines. Please understand that we are not an antivaccine group. We are demanding safe vaccines. We want to reduce the schedule and reduce the toxins. If you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the measles. – Jenny McCarthy

here is the wonderful miracle news. the praises that we sing to jesus every night. this information is all over, that’s how i found it. what i am writing is not new, i am just another story, of another mom who went through this only to find the answers and be told she was crazy. scoffed at by doctors, nurses, friends… but here’s the thing. when you see your child in a state like that, and you make some changes and he literally comes back to you, looks at you and smiles again… you don’t need anyone to listen to you. you don’t need anyone to believe you, because you have your child back. it’s all that matters. here is what we did.

we cut out gluten, corn, milk (casein), sugar. sugar feeds yeast. it has to go, at least until the candida is under control, and even then only given sparingly. this meant no fruit for a while. people, gluten is in everything, so read the labels. we had to get k off his similac milk based formula because it had gluten and casein in it. i read a very interesting article that explains what happens to autistic children when they have milk. the casein leaks out of the gut, gets into the bloodstream, crosses the blood-brain barrier, enters the brain, and produces morphine-like effects. no wonder my child was acting so now k gets homemade formula.

we also put k on probiotics, and the doctor prescribed him nystatin for the candida. it took 6 days. i had my son back in 6 days. we watched every day as we got those foods that were poisoning him out of his system and he came back. clapped his hands. played with me! let me read to him. i could do nothing but look up and bow down in thankfulness to the One who saved my son. i never have another thing to complain about as long as i live.

disclaimer: many will tell you diet can’t fix it. many moms have told me it doesn’t work because they have tried. i say don’t give up. i say, be fanatical and crazy and stop at nothing. sit on the computer for hours like i did, reading the success stories that give you hope. try whatever crazy foods you have to. my son was better in 6 days. but he is only 11 months old. older children most likely have much more systemic yeast infections and need more time to see healing. please do not give up. i pray for moms every night who are going through what i did. there are lots of us.

i am afraid that autism will only continue to rise. mom’s like me had poor diets and didn’t even know it. the sugar feeds the yeast, the yeast overtakes the good bacteria, and you have a systemic candida infection going on. then your child is born unhealthy from the start. EVERYONE should take a probiotic, every day of their life. we all need it because our diets are insanely horrible. that’s why the paleo diet makes you feel so great. because you cut out all the foods that are relatively new and absolutely fake – and go back to eating the diet we were designed for. our food is poisoning us and our children. one more thing – my doctor said overuse of antibiotics, NSAID’s such as aspirin, and birth control pills are the top killers of good bacteria in the body. keep away from them if you can. my chronic headaches completely disappeared when i kicked the sugar and gluten by the way. and yes, the shots are adding to the problem. but it’s just part of the puzzle. fix your diet. fix your kid’s diet. take those probiotics. get healthy so your babies will be healthy.

1 in 54 boys has autism today. why is it such a mystery? one of the clues is right under our noses, on our dinner plates.

whew. that was a novel. but that’s the story of how we lost k for a bit and got him back again. absolutely cannot wait for you to see him stef. as you would say, “he needs his tess.”

the Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. – psalm 126:3