some of everything.

stef. apparently you are busy because we have been awaiting your post and you are silent. are you out there? are you too busy with that new husband of yours? or is it all your pinteresting that has kept you away?

fireworks were k’s favorite. he jumped at the first one, but really enjoyed them after that. he stared and stared and his little eyes were all lit up.

in other news, we spent monday with the aunts and cousins at their hotel. we spent hours in the lazy river. k was a water baby. the minute he got in the water he sprang to life as if he was a little fish-boy. we forwent our naps (both of them) and even our meals just to kick and splash in the water. he.was.obsessed. we are going to need to do swim lessons because the little nugget kept wanting to push off of me, as if he wouldn’t sink to the bottom like a rock if i let him go. silly nugget.

one aunt, you know the one, shared her pina colada with me and loved on k and talked about tatoos with us. she is half adult, half child, and fully hilariously wonderful to be around. the kind of person you can always count on to be in a good mood and bring the fun. the other aunt who drove all the way from south dakota – oh it was so good to see her. she always gets tears in her eyes when we leave and i love that about her. she held k and got her clothes all wet all day and didn’t care. k got so excited about her holding him that at one point he just went in for a bite of her face. also she called me a queen like she always does and it’s our little inside joke and maybe i am her favorite niece. yep, probably. here is a pic of k showing uncle j who is boss.

okay, the cabinets are coming along amazingly. nowhere near done but worlds better and brighter and i love ’em.  lindz came by to let zoey out for us the other day. wish i had taken a picture of the note she left on the counter. i quote: “CABINETS ARE REDONK!” which means a lot to hear coming from her because she is artsy and creative and amazing just like you. why oh why have i been blessed with the best sisters in the world – i don’t deserve it!

today feels like monday because yesterday felt like the weekend. alas it is thursday. getting ready for our trip and stopping to pick up some disposable diapers (i am a diaper snob now) because the fuzzibunz can often be too much work when on vacay and doesn’t this momma deserve a break now and then? getting ready for the lake and the woods and guns and lenny’s subs (minus the bread due to my new g-free diet) and earthfare and shopping with the sister-in-law! i will wave to you out my left airplane window as we head north tomorrow morning at an unthinkably early hour. wave back in your sleep if you love me. later sista.


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