the beast is yeast

stef. today’s topic: fungus. there’s a fungus among us. sis – as you know, candida albicans was a master of mischief in our home. specifically in my body, and then on into k’s tiny body too. who would have ever thought the “beastie yeastie” (as the hubs calls it) could wreak havoc on your body in so many ways? head to the doctor and he will tell you your problems are unrelated. or he will prescribe you antibiotics (candy, as i call it, because they hand it out like such). or he will scratch his head, like mine did, and send you to a naturopathic doctor who will look at the whole picture.

candida. it’s a fungus. responsible in my life for the following conditions and many more:

– chronic headaches

– extreme irritiability/depression/anxiety

– joint pain/arthritis in the hands

– bacterial infections – UTI’s, strep, etc.

– weakened immune system

– chronic pain (people, i am in my twenties!)

– chronic debilitating fatigue

– autoimmune symptoms

– crazy pms

and in little k’s life for these:

– diaper rash

– oral thrush

– food allergies

– behavior/mood changes

– weight loss/poor appetite

– crazy ezcema

– cradle cap

– weakened immune system

people, this stuff is real. i’ve lived it. i am thinking of going back to school just so i can get someone to believe me when i say, i guarantee candida is a factor in a host of diseases and ailments today. my medicine cabinet is empty and i feel better than ever. no more anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds. no more birth control. no more advil or tylenol. no more antibiotics. no more midol or cramps at all. NONE. i fought the yeast war and i am winning. we are still fighting it with k, and it is hard to watch. some days he does better than others but we are keeping on it.

what is going on inside your body is manifested in your skin. i have glowing, clear skin now. my hair is softer, curlier. my whole life has changed because i fought this beast and won! i have never felt so good and healthy.

here is the battle plan my naturopath gave me.

1. follow an anti-yeast diet (no refined sugars/breads/some fruits – these foods feed the yeast in you and makes your body more acidic. a more alkaline pH keeps candida under control in the body).

2. take probiotics. 30 billion count or higher

3. treat the fungal infection

4. stay the heck away from antibiotics

it has felt like a war. the poor hubs has watched his baby and baby mama be sicker than we ever imagined. and it’s driven me further and further down a rabbit hole that has shaken my confidence in regard to modern medicine.

why did my doctor treat my symptoms for 6 years, only to scratch his head and send me to someone who knew what he was talking about? why aren’t our doctors being taught about the incredible connection between fungus and disease? i am no one – no M.D., no nurse – nothing. but i lived this stuff. it took over my life and now i am free of it and i want other people to know it can be fixed – often without medicine. i am starting to believe God put everything here that we needed and we are searching for an answer that has always been there. paying into the biggest business out there – the pharmaceutical industry. i believe my doctor had my best interest in mind, and really cared about me. i just believe there is something missing when we treat the symptoms and not the cause.

my new journey: fungus in relation to cancer. i am fanatically interested in studying the connection candida has to many ailments. articles that i have recently read discuss the significance of anti-fungal treatment even for cancer. it’s funny – italian doctor Tulio Simoncini treats the fungal infections and has successfully treated cancer using sodium bicarbonate. the fancy word for… baking soda, which is a natural anti-fungal.  sounds insane. the studies are chilling because they cite the overuse of antibiotics as a factor in allowing the cancer cells to grow. why? antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. the good bacteria can’t keep the fungus from growing out of control. a poor diet feeds the fungus. if this theory is found to be true, which some studies have shown, even antibiotics can be dangerous for us. they sure made me sick. again, i am nobody, and i am just trying to find answers. just investigating things that are so near and dear to my heart. i will keep reporting on what i find. here is a crazy video the hubs and i watched last night. we aren’t making any claims. just researching because we are so curious now, after seeing the changes in my life.

could it really be that easy? are we suffering more than we need to, covering up our diseases with drugs that don’t treat our actual problem? and like mine, could all our seemingly unrelated ailments actually have a connection to one another? my life changed when i began to look at the body as a whole – it is God’s incredible machine. all i know is this – 6 years of problems, all mysteriously gone when i was treated for candida. it’s uncanny.

i love the search for truth. it opens your eyes and it sets you free.

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  -john 8:32

hey sis, by the way. left my heart in san francisco. i mean, left my phone in tennessee. can you call me because i don’t know your number. how sad is that. also, please use the secret sister language as code so i know it’s you when you call. aloha. (remember, it means hello and goodbye).


2 thoughts on “the beast is yeast

    • Hi lisa! k is on ThreeLac. one pack per day. he is also receiving chinese medicine, which has been amazing! he is on an herbal tea called si jin bao, and a cream called schmoove. you can find more info on chinese medicine at, and i think you may have to go to a doctor practicing TCM to get those things. he is on no fruit right now because the doctor wants all the yeast gone.. we just can’t get rid of it all. foods highest in alkalinity are what his doctor recommended – cauliflower, avocado, spinach. etc.i just looked up a chart on the acidity/alkalinity in foods. hope you are well and take care of that little one!

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