food for eating.

beck. my heart is so full of joy. in the mist of a trying situation you continue to lean on Christ and his healing powers. much like treating the symptoms you talk about, i think of how Christ has saved us from ours. i love hearing how well k is doing and love hearing all about your findings. s and i are benifitting tremenduos from your research. s even took kale chips to work the other day as a snack and he said they were an office hit!

in the life of the j’s here is what has been happening:

wednesday i subbed in a preschool class and fell in love. like head-over-heals. well that’s not true. i’m only head-over-heals for s, but for the sake of making a dramatic point it worked. fingers crossed hoping i get the job.

last weekend i went on a girls trip to charleston, sc. welcome to the land of markets, and basket weaving, preppy bow ties and seer sucker boys, quaint beach houses and long piers, king street shops, the lost dog cafe and fun with girl friends. we had oodles of fun. and of course, the best part, i got to see this girl!


i got to sit on a beach and read charles martin’s new book thunder and rain. it was heavenly. except i missed s so much and couldn’t wait to get back to him. being married is the best and i love every minute of being with the sweet hubs. i had no idea it would be this fun, or that s would just keep getting hotter and hotter. don’t believe me? proof.


i came home to these waiting for me. gardening gloves for my new found hobby and a new tennis racket. maybe this one has special powers and i can beat s one day. or i can just keep dreaming and look cute with my pink racket and matching shoes. #imatotalgirl.

i started working on these outdated beauties.


finished product soon to come! i realized that i hate painting french doors. and green means go for painting tape is actually false in this case. needless to say the windows have turned white and are in serious need of scraping. diy on hold.

recipe time! i know this is really what you are waiting for. while you are feeding me with all of the research and findings and healthy eating tips, i am testing new recipes. here are the ones you have been asking for. the credit goes to my friend l. she is the brains behind these recipes, i just follow the recipe card.

kale chips…yum yum yum

i buy the fresh bunches (not in a bag) because they have larger leaves.

wash, cut, oil, salt (i use garlic salt), bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. don’t let them burn!



i am munching on these popcorn tasting green leaves right now.

healthy-not-so-yummy-looking-but-oh-so-yummy smoothie! 

handful of kale
handful of spinach
i use a scoop vanilla flavored yogurt
scoop of ground flax seed
squirt of juice


i wont show you the after picture because you might not try it. don’t let the green scare you. it’s yummy. s even approved and it has become my lunch every day.

l’s healthy granola


between this and the kale chips, these have become our new healthy snaking. and both are all sorts of tasty goodness.

and lots and lots and lots of other deliciously clean eating recipes including the pf changs lettuce wrap’s s and i devoured last night and the honey apple crisp that makes you melt can be found on a small snippet.

oh remember weeks ago when i posted that smokin hot pic of s starting the demo for our bathroom? well life happened so that bathroom didn’t. but this weekend it’s life step aside and hello huge bath tub and bathroom makeover.

gotta go. have a diy i need to clean up. major craftermath. and s is due home soon.

wait, speaking of craftermath. stayed in the cutest old beach house in folly, sc for our girls trip. let’s just say i can’t go anywhere that i don’t find a diy i want to do. layed in bed and starred at these beautiful-must-find-a-way-to-do ceilings.

Imagethought’s on how to butter up s?

bee photographie added s and i to her blog. it’s like christmas morning anytime i get to see more wedding pics pop up! click here to die of cuteness: bee blog.

love you sis. miss you. can’t wait to blog about the invitation i just made to k’s first birthday party. loved skyping with you and k yesterday. tootles.


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