stef & sam,
my sistas! eeesh it’s been too long since i’ve written! i am just sitting here tonight contemplating how gracious our God is. i am speechless. opened all the windows today and all the doors and just let the sunshine come in. it was windy and wonderful. it was a farmer’s market slash zoo day. picked up some homemade soap, raw milk for the mr. and some yummy olive salad and pesto. k ran around yelling “eeek eeek, ants! bugs!” ran into an old friend from high school who informed me that our ten year reunion is in october. whaaat? surely I am not that old. the zoo was so much fun too! saw the new giraffe exhibit which was really neat. also a sweet angel of a woman from j’s work gave me an in-home massage that i had yesterday. i felt like a queen. his amazing company continues to bless us with all they have done since k got sick. so like i said… it’s been a really nice weekend and it’s not even over yet.
it is incredibly hard to believe that today was k’s two week anniversary of being out of the hospital. what a journey. from being intubated, on a feeding tube, with three iv’s and barely able to hold up his head… to walking, talking, smiling, singing and dancing in two weeks! no therapy yet either! he goes for at least 5 appointments each week now, which is a lot, but the doctors are amazed and happy with his progress. this week we have a neurology appointment to try to put a name to his metabolic/neurologic condition. the thing is though, we know there is something to this because the GAPS diet is for just that- “gut and psychology syndrome.” it’s a diet for the nameless stomach issues that also correlate with psychological problems. so many disorders have been thrown around but no one really has a name for k’s condition. which is fine with me – his diet is literally healing his body. with a lower carb diet we have seen enormous progress up until he got whatever virus he had (the doctors still don’t know what it was) and was hospitalized. now we are just reintroducing foods one at a time until he can tolerate more. He will also be having therapy for chewing since he struggles a bit still. although tonight he did eat olives, zucchini sticks, homemade applesauce with coconut oil, and meatballs and egg yolks. he’s packing on the pounds! we will continue to feed him a GAPS/paleo/lower carb diet as this, we believe, is the key to health. he is thriving without grains and sugar. his allergy tests have so far revealed allergies to peanuts, egg whites, and wheat gluten. he is having some flares of eczema again so we are using a combination of young living oils/epsom salt baths to draw out the toxins. we are working with a nutritionist who has us keeping a food journal daily of what he is eating. food has a profound effect on our health. who knew? seems like an obvious thing but little k has proven that to us. 
all i have to say is if you are a mommy (or a daddy) – you know your child. keep fighting for them because you are their greatest advocates. they need you!
here is our new prayer board! today it fell and hit k In the head during lunch. he cried and daddy said we better add him to the board now. today we prayed for sweet elliot. it’s been amazing to see the outpouring of prayers for k, and we want to bless others with that gift. and speaking of bumping his head…we had another head injury incident after dinner. we had a picnic and rented frozen. highly recommend it. k is starting to potty train and pointed to his diaper to signal impending poop. so I grabbed him and raced to the potty and was so excited and proud and accidentally bumped k’s head into the wall. So he did his business while crying. #momoftheyear
alas, it was nothing a little larabar and stars wars sticker couldn’t fix.
this verse keeps swirling through my head. “I have set The Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad…” -psalm 16:8. life isn’t perfect. i sort of thought we’d have more kids by now, a perfectly happy marriage, and that I would be more organized. and I certainly never would have planned for all these terrible health issues. but I am learning that despite circumstance… He is God. and I am not. and desperate attempts to control are pointless. so in the words of elsa… “let it go… the perfect girl is gone.” thankful I have an amazing savior who forgives me, delights in me, and makes me whole. tootles, sissies!
check out this amazing little girl singing that song!

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