snickers + scripture

beck & stef,

where my sistas at? really could have used some sister time this past week. let’s just say, my car overheated three different times, i shattered the screen on my phone, paid for a repair, and then had to get it replaced two more times because the new screen was messing up. i’m happy to report there were only two sobbing phone calls made to mom (the rest of the sobbing was done in the quiet of my room). having to deal with all this grown-up stuff on my own is no fun #growingupisoverrated. i have never appreciated dad’s handy-man-ness so much.

so this here is what has been getting me through the past week :


i am really learning that sometimes you just have to admit that things are stinky. and then trust god to do what he does best, and not try to figure out on your own how things are going to workout. because that is just silly. who am i to think that i can even begin to imagine what god is going to do? so that verse is the message version, but it has brought me a lot of comfort this past week. and later on in jude he calls us as believers to “persevere as we wait for the mercy of the lord.” so that’s what my week looks like, I’m just praying and persevering.

luckily, in the midst of all the craziness of my week, j came to my rescue (when doesn’t he?). we had the happiest of weekends here. 2 ½ days flew by, but we packed them full of every fun thing we could think of. we went out for our traditional sushi date, saw a movie, walked on the beach at night, did sparklers on my street and topped off the weekend with a signature j+s photoshoot.

Here’s a few of our best shots.



i’m off to pretend to study. see y’all for sister time + wedding festivities in 17 days!



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