he is mine.

beck. oh my oh my oh my. is that my little k standing up??? he is getting to be such a busy little guy. homemade-gluten free rice milk with a side of fermented veggies is nothing more than popeye’s can of spinach.. boom! he’s a crazy crawling bundle of cuteness again. he is a blessed boy. mommy’s know best. always. remember that. p.s. when you called with the good news about k i was sitting on my back patio journaling and this was the verse on my notebook.


love the message board. love that “we miss stef” is the biggest. bleach in the AC? is that a trick i have missed? anyhoo. keep taking care of my little k.

yesterday morning i sprung out of bed at 6:30 when s got up so excited for my first busy day here in bham. a preschool job interview, which went great and they were oober sweet, a lunch date with a friend. ptl. stopped by s’s work to give him a smooch and then off to the children’s botique which was ah-mazing. how much fun will that be.

so my runner-ok-not-so-runner skills are gone. or maybe florida had given me false hopes of ever being a marathoner with it’s flat land. hills= death. ok, drama queen moment over, but seriously. i walk for about 4 miles now in the mornings and there is nothing sweeter. oh how i had missed being outside in His creation, the headphones whispering sweet reminders of him. 

side note: what He taught me this week: praise him for being a God of reminders. remember the song “my whole life is yours, i give it all, surrender to your name”? or something like that. there is a line in that song that sings “i am yours and you are mine.” and just like that it hit me. i have forgotten that he is mine. how easy it is to remember we are his, but what a precious peace to hold on to to know that he is ours. i accept. there is nothing more in this world that i claim with the utmost thanks in knowing that he is mine.


this is where i stopped to pray. love.

remember the dresser you gave me. it got a diy makeover complete with craftermath which my amazing hubs took care of for me. 



she’s a pottery-barn-want-to-be beauty now!



oh. that’s us in the pic. eek!

mom and dad are on their way. gotta go prepare a place for my wagon. oops. sorry. tootles.

p.s. this house is for sale across the street. it’s got your name written all over it. just think about it. 

p.s.s is posting a pic of someone’s house totally illegal? hope not.



stayin’ the course.

stef. tuesdays aren’t much better than mondays on the boring scale. got a beautiful new orchid today to put on my wagon that is apparently driving itself to bham this weekend. sigh. i hope you enjoy it as much as i have. rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. that is the word of the day. that is all it has done here. k and i went to the mall with some sweet friends and their sweet little ones. k was a crazy banshee! climbing, crawling, and pulling up on everything in the mall playplace. side note. going gluten free is not super difficult unless you pass auntie ann’s pretzels. i think they smell even better than they taste. some days i fall off the wagon and eat flippers, the world’s best pizza, but i always pay for it by feeling not-so-wonderful the next day.

at home all we want to do is man the stairs.

k is improving so much on a gluten-free, casein-free diet! we are so excited around here at the progress he has made in just 5 days! we are almost completely eczema free, and digestive issues seem to be resolving as well. the writing is on the wall over here – i can’t deny the link between health and nutrition. more on this later.

i made 100% homemade baby formula today, so i know what every ingredient in his bottle is. might use this instead of the neocate, even though we have seen huge improvements on that. here is the recipe (i can’t take the credit for it) that i found here that i wanted to share for the future adorable blonde beauties you will have one day.

Rice Milk Infant Formula

Combine the below ingredients together and mix well, I prefer using the Magic Bullet for this job. Store in a glass container in the fridge for up to 48 hours, than discard. Try making a 1/4 of the batch first to see if your baby enjoys this option. It is brown! Don’t be alarmed – it’s the molasses.

4 cups Rice milk (Earth’s Own Ryza brand Original flavor is my first choice)

1tbsp blackstrap molasses (iron)

1tbsp flax oil (essential fatty acid)

1tbsp brown rice protein powder (heartlands organic is a good one)

1tbsp liquid infant multi-vitamin

1 drop of d-drops 400 iu

1/4 tsp infant probiotics

Disclaimer on the site: I recommend Genestra brand for all above supplements, but please consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before introducing this or any other formula to your child.

i tasted it and it was actually pretty good! you are right about the cod liver oil though. kinda nasty sounding, but oh-so-healthy! i can’t stay out of whole foods. they are going to ban me soon for being a creeper that comes every day.

ooh, also made… a jar of fermented vegetables! apparently as the vegetables ferment they become filled with beneficial bacteria, which feed on the sugars in the veggies, acting as a probiotic supplement. going to give k a go at some of the juice when these babies are done fermenting…ick. but supposed to be super healthy so we are pulling out all the stops here.

em came by tonight. she is the best friend ever. all we did was talk about life and my spirits are so lifted. nothing like a friend who challenges you and points you to jesus over and over again. also we made more cookies so it was a win-win. we are going on the boat this weekend with her and kenneth and k is going to get a tan. as if.

wanted to show you some updated pics of the kitchen. here is the message center. basically where we write our grocery list and scripture but we write so much scripture we run out of room for our grocery list. which would be why j just asked me for the thousandth time if i picked up more soap today and i said no i forgot because it’s not on the list and so now we will end up using the baby’s soap.


you should get jealous because guess who got tickets to see sugarland! this girl. thank you j for surprising me, and in advance for sitting through twang, of which you are not very fond. you are just full of surprises these days. he is just on top of his game. working his tail off at his job and coming home and just being a winner here too. pretty much feeling that can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-reach-for-the-stars-over-the-fence-world-series kind of love in my heart for him.

oh, and k has his appointment tomorrow with an alternative pediatrician. excited to hear about what she has to say. more on that later. i gotta go, miss you like whoa.

bama heat.

beck. why do i always get mondays. they are so boring.

k has the best mommy in the world. i love watching you take such good care of him. who knew water babies and american girl dolls were going to be such good practice for the real ones? one complaint: cod liver oil? dear k, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. yuck! i do however want the recipe to those yummy looking cookies you made. you need to teach me how to eat so healthy. 

this morning i did this.


and wished you were here. tracy is great, but she never sweats and always looks perfect and is never out of breath. i need a more realistic work out partner. and by realistic i mean out of shape. more or less i miss the days when i would show up at your house with my mat and weights to do my tracy workout while you sat on the couch looking up recipes and kept me company.

this weekend i went and watched s play in his flag football tournament. remember these days?


sad day. the “s” has fallen off and the “j” is not too far behind. unless i want to be rooting for “one 6” i need to make a new one asap. yes, if you were wondering the weather was 100 degrees out and yes, i may have looked like i jumped in a pool at the end. but it was all going to be worth it for a popsicle from steel city pops which actually ended up not being worth it. the popsicle that is. chocolate chili and avacado were the tasty-just-kidding-not-so-tasy flavors left. we went with the chocolate chili which got thrown out the window and caused us to make an emergency stop at the gas station for a mega mundo drink. whoever thought chili and chocolate went together for some trendy hipster (ok maybe not hipster but it seems like something sammy would eat right?) reason was seriously mistaking. 

looks like mom and dad are making the trek to bham this weekend. better say bye bye to this





thank you, kind stranger.

stef. absolutely love the cake pops. mom saved up some creative juices that bypassed me and ended up in you. it’s true. you are my inspiration. speaking of inspiration… this is a long story but you need to hear it. went to whole foods today with mom and baby k. love that place. super pricey but super worth it. actually bought some stuff i never dreamed i would be placing on a grocery store conveyor belt…



found out that chicken livers, cod liver oil, and probiotics are a must for k. he is having some digestive and food allergy issues that we are tackling over here en la case de Rey. (King for the layperson). so we are taking different approaches with him, including this new hypoallergenic formula, neocate. but more on this later.

back to whole foods. spent a whopping 95 dollars. to be expected, but i was super excited about all the stuff i got to make these paleo chocolate chip cookies using almond flour and coconut oil. they came out so good!


i just can’t stay on topic. back to my story. so we left whole foods quite a bit poorer. that is the unfortunate part of the story. then i was indecisive about which way to get home. did some illegal maneuvers and lane swaps while mom fed baby k his new formula in the backseat. i always wonder why she sits in the front with me because i know she’d rather be in the back just staring at k. she is totally obsessed. anyway, finally we realized we were not just on empty, but as mom puts it, “on empty empty.” pulled into 7-11 for some of the good stuff. as i was filling up the tank, someone hit my car. i didn’t even notice, that’s how light the bump was. however, sal (mom) didn’t miss a beat. she flew out of the car like a mad woman. a bat out of you know where. the guy came over and got out of the car, explaining that it was his friend’s car and could i please-oh-please not call the fuzz. he even said, i hit you with my mirror, so this is just a paint scratch and it should come out. to which i replied, ok, because he proceeded to rub some of it off with his finger. then the magic happened. the moment where i knew God was blessing me with this seemingly unfortunate occurrence. the guy insisted i take money for the damage. he handed me…you guessed it…almost the exact amount i spent on expensive exotic foods for baby k….$100. all i could think of as i drove away were astrid barker’s words from our Big Fat Liar days – “thank you, kind stranger.” got home and used a magic eraser and the scratch is gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday.

all the little ways God uses bad for good! lately i am just on the lookout because he is pouring blessings like rain in the midst of struggles. hard times have a way of pointing you back to the cross, reminding you that nothing else matters, and teaching you, even when you don’t feel like learning, contentment is a way of life that is gained through trials. …we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us. (Romans 5:3-5)

hope does not disappoint! praying for you and your studly new groom today sis! oh, and wish you could taste these cookies! i may not be a pioneer woman but i sure feel like i am on a crazy new adventure with all this health food. bye sis, i’ll be bock.

meet kit.

beck. i sure do love me some k. every time i see him in those cute fuzzibunz i just want to get in the car and drive to o-town just to squeeze those chunky thighs of his. #totalauntmove. obsessed with craftermath. so obsessed i looked up how to make it an official word. wikipedia official that is. basically how to make it an unofficial made up word from a source that is questionable so that kids in school can never write an essay using the word craftermath because their eighth grade english teacher says wikipedia is not a reliable source. on second thought. let’s just keep it our secret word. 

i made s shrimp scampi the other night for dinner too. great sisters think alike. i went with pioneer woman’s scampi goodness. s loved it. what would we do without all these amazingly domesticated woman that we can copy ideas from and make our husbands think we are queens of the kitchen? s doesn’t ask, so i don’t tell! confession: sometimes i think to myself while cooking, “can’t wait for s to get home and try this” in my best ina-garten-jeffrey’s-coming-home-tonight-voice. 

met a friend! and an added plus: she bakes the most delish cupcakes. (boy we really are all about the food. dads right. don’t tell him.) s and i went to her cupcake open house. best tasting open house i’ve ever been to. sweet B’s. check it out because we will be ordering some of these little heavenly creations when you visit me. 

made some cake balls as my “thank you” gift for the woman who hosted my shower here in t’ville. which then made me realize how much my love for cooking and baking has come out in married life. all leading to my next thought: i’ll work in a bakery! the hunt has started for the most perfect bakery. i am afraid previously mentioned cupcake raves have shut down cute quaint bakery’s but i am determined. and those cupcakes sure are tasty.


oh. thats kit my kitchen aid mixer. she’s just too pretty to leave out. 


the start of my craftermath. 


oh and notice the flowers that just appeared. s came home from work with them for me while i was cake balling it up. he is amazing. 

my thoughts for taking these pics of the cake ball baking process were to share the recipe with our readers. but being that it is sal’s and being that they are beyond delish. i have decided that for the love of hooking our readers i would leave it out. and in case sal strikes it big with her cake ball goodness, i will keep her secret. oh here is the final product. 


reason number 534 what s is the best: he was my chauffeur as we hand delivered each tasty bunch to their new home. 

last night s went for a run while i rode my bike next to him. two things wrong with that. one: it’s a beach cruiser. and we are miles from a beach. two: if that picture didn’t scream, “hi i am the out of shape other half who has to ride my bike while my hubs runs.” whatevs. at least we got a good laugh when i got my yoga pants stuck in the chain. 

bee photographie is putting up my pics today! let’s skype so we can oooo and aaahhh over them together.


as dad would say – all about the food.

stef. oh my word. love that your man dyed your hair. and also that you shared a pic of s being Holmes on Holmes, who i am not-so-secretly in love with. it scares me that i have a thing for his fix-it-up-ness because he also wears overalls with a white tank top, which i remember dad doing when he was working on stuff when we were little. hmmm.

the extent of my diy this weekend was patching all the holes in the wall that were created due to a wild hair i got to move them all around for no reason. when your house is all decorated you have to create reasons to do more decorating which always results in pretty serious craftermath (noun: the mess that is left after you finally do that craft you saw on pinterest).  i did, however, make an amazing father’s day breakfast for j, and a really yummy shrimp dish by Ina Garten for dinner that I found. he was stuffed with food all day in the spirit of father’s day and seemed uncomfortably full. he still managed to eat his nightly pint of haagen daz though. our monthly ice cream bill is astronomical.


so. told you i started the no sugar diet. going amazing and my taste for sugar is actually going away…what?! used to have to eat chocolate about every 15 minutes. sort of joking but sadly, actually not joking. i need to get my recipes together and share some with you. i am not following it super strictly, but started it for health reasons and as a bonus, have seen all that baby weight just fall off. feel pretty fab all the time now. i need to work up to doing tracy with you (how about we skype and workout together? sounds promising). for now, stroller walks with zoey and k are my workouts. speaking of zoey…she was starting to smell like stale popcorn from her lack of hygiene because her mommy and daddy are always preoccupied with the baby. j gave her a bath this weekend while k intently watched. he is turning into a silly little nugget. he loves auntie tess. sounds like he is waking up from his nap. time to bounce.


monday monday.

beck. monday, blah blah blah. i hate when s has to go back to work. who decided you should work five days and the weekend only gets two? i vote a switch. remember when we were little and we would get so excited for dad to walk in the door after work? i’m borderline there. except lately i have been so covered in oil based paint that s sends me outside with a can of mineral spirits before he will get near me. our fun filled weekend consisted of a lake day with the clan. ten little ones all out on the water. so stinking cute. made me miss k. sunday we were so excited to go to this new church we wanted to try out called hope culture church. the website said it started at 10:30. we rolled up about 10:45 (on time to me of course) all to find out that it started at 10. we went to david platt’s church, brook hills instead. attempt #2 will be next week. we started the bathroom demo! dream bathroom here i come. s is extra dreamy when he is tearing down dry wall. Imagepretty soon my tub will be in the bathroom complete with water hook up and all. for now… i just pretend.

Imageoh and in an attempt to save money, s colored my hair for me. just a dark glaze to get rid of the red that our jamaican vacation gave me as a souvenir (no offense). s just keeps getting cooler and cooler. 


i met a girl out at mellow mushroom saturday night who is going to try to hook me up with a job. oober excited. it’s a high end children’s boutique in a cute little part of bham. how fun does that sound. k is going benefit from this one i am sure. fingers crossed! finished the kitchen. can’t wait to post some pics soon. off for a run. gotta get my honeymoon bod back. all this fun cooking for s is not working out so well for my once toned abs. that and a little tracy anderson should work. give k a kiss for me. tootles.

a day in the life of k.

stef. love love LOVE the stairs. super jealous that you are so fab lately with so many projects going at once. i am impressed. think i will not do my stairs because i am sort of still in trouble for the striped wall incident. which was not totally my fault because t and l helped me.

we had cabin fever because it has rained so much this week. but… now all the plants are super green and we stare at them. yep. we look out the window, banging on it occasionally and also grunting. j put up a swing for k! he loves it. Image     

oops… is that the wagon from your wedding? the one that you were missing? how did that end up in my backyard… hmm. i should probably give that back to you. but it just looks so cute with our plants in it. i am older so how about i keep it.

oh, and here is k standing guard at the window. watching for daddy even though he won’t be home for 3 more hours.Image

our fuzzibunz are all the clothes we need lately! and mommy keeps making him wear this hat he got for christmas because she knows his head won’t fit in it much longer. have to sneak it on his head though, because he just wants to pull it off and either a) bang it on things or b) eat it.

k is becoming an incredibly mobile little sucker. the dog dish and daddy’s stereo are the two main areas of interest. however, this might be because mommy scolds when we touch it. pretty sure that’s the only reason those things are fun. favorite toys today: a wisk and a potato masher. k misses his auntie tess so much!


oh, and that’s my new white table, that used to be the color of the chairs that are not-so-white that i have not painted yet. i keep starting new projects without finishing ones first. that’s me. buhbyes.

stairway to heaven… or just heavenly stairs.

beck. just finished the stairs. rookie blogger move #1: forgot to take a before picture. fiddle sticks.

here is an idea of what the walls and everything looked like before


and… here is what the stairs now look like!



ok, so here is what you will need:


one roll of this. (remember: green is good. blue is bad. in painters tape that is.)


a can of this… or two if you are doing the walls too.


this stuff is addicting. make sure you give yourself a time limit or you will never stop finding spots!


this to scrape the walls for a distressed white wash look.


a litte bit of this for the inside stripe on the stairs. i went with behr “sparkling spring”


and if you paint like me. lots of this.

disclaimer: james- i am in no way responsible for beck’s sudden urge to rip up your carpeted stairs and do this.