meet indy.

i could probably stop there. we.are.obsessed. indyana jones, she is the sweetest. s surprised me with her last friday and we can’t get enough! basically my obsession has turned into: laundry? eh. what laundry? dinner? sorry s. even the bed has gone un-made if i am being totally honest. sweeping, funny how that doubled. i think i will slip back into reality next week. stay tuned for her halloween costume. and that’s how quickly we turn into “those people.”

this is scotty and our strict no-indy-in-the-bed rule the morning after we got her. notice the black dog and white sheets.

all is well here. obviously. trussville is finally home.  i remember this time last year feeling so lonely. i remember watching the leaves change and finally understanding what noel was talking about when she said “seasons changing make me anxious.” for me, it was holding on to those little pieces of past and not welcoming this new season ahead. i felt so out of control and it was so like god to humble me to my knees and embrace his sweet plans. #notwithoutafight. why do i even entertain the idea of “knowing more than Him?” thankful for a got of redemption who makes everything beautiful. i married the most incredible man who loved me through those few months and cared for me so well. its fun to look back now, a year later, and see how the Lord is so good. the leaves changing this year excite me.

here is a diy project that i have been working on #notreallyworkingon #alliwanttodoisplaywithindy. it will soon be a map for our wall. stay tuned for a finished product pic. right now i just really want you to think i am super talented and drew the map. i didn’t. instead i have blisters from tracing it onto what home depot told me was soft wood. hey home depot. it’s not.


 i have gone back to my strict paleo diet and yet again wonder why i ever drift away. it could be the, i don’t know, enormous grocery bill, or the picky eater it makes me seem like, or the fact that drinking apple cider vinegar, eating brussel sprouts, spinach and sausage for breakfast is not normal. but hello again energized days, happy heart, working brain and settled stomach. still waiting for s to let me join crossfit. kinda feel like paleo and cf go together. can’t have one without the other. s isn’t buying it. here is a yummy recipe that has worked its way into our meal planning.

(picture from

can’t wait to see my sistas in 2 weeks! Let the wedding festivities begin!



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