lake days.

beck. oopsies. dropped the posting ball. which means overload post with all the oodles and oodles of fun that has been had here in t’ville. first, proud of you. all you are doing for k, and all that he has to thank you for. what a rockstar mommy. moms reading this: take notes. and don’t let the cod liver scare you. seriously. k is so lucky to have you as a mommy. and props for putting k’s story on here. so many mommies will learn from you. 

k and i starred similarly at the fireworks. my mouth too was wide open as we watched. ate a bug, that’s how i know. 

so the rents were here last weekend. please tell me you got the picture texts of mom wake boarding and knee boarding? hil-wait for it-arious. and dad was a champ getting up on two skis and wake boarding and knee boarding. i however had the best fall. let’s just say when you are out in the water, s screaming “nooooo” from the boat sounds a lot like “goooo” which in that case, i went for it. and the it, ended up being concrete water. it’s true. 


thats mom. tearing it up.


and dad. tearing it up.


oh. that’s me pulling s on his new radar ski i got him as my wedding gift to him.

we had a great visit. lots of eating. of course. and lots of laughing. 

what have i been diying lately? so glad you asked. hurry up and send me a pic of k for his 1st birthday card. made these sweet little postcard invites for a precious little girl here.


since we are on the baby topic….. jk.

but here are some cute onsies i made for a sweet little baby boy coming soon. went to a little get together called “pampers and prayers”. bring some diapers and spend the evening praying for the coming soon baby and mama. so sweet. another fuzzibunz fan! i found the cutest little under the sea fuzzibunz for the new baby. k needs some.


look familiar? 🙂 hurry up and have another little one. k is growing too fast and my onsies only go up to three months! stud points for s. he helped sew on the whale for me while i was making him tacos. he is the best. sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky.

s and i celebrated the 4th out on the water. what better way to celebrate? the mcgehee’s joined us and we spent the day playing in the sun. until the thunder clouds drove us away. then we headed to the t’vill fireworks show. new favorite band: act of congress. ah-may-zing. last year s and i were in nicaragua for the 4th so this was a little different. 


observation: your posts are so deep and wordy. mine are pictures. shoot. you are so much cooler than me. 

i’m off to charleston this weekend for a girls weekend. sad to leave s but excited to see the friends. why you are heading to tennessee this weekend and not to see me i will never understand. but i guess i will forgive you. i need some k lovin and he needs to see his auntie tess. asap. 

oh almost forgot. check this out.


it’s super cheap. super great and from whole foods. and the best part…


you’re adding it to your grocery list now. you’re welcome.

love you sis. miss you and k and j lots and lots and hope i am laying the guilt trip on thick enough to make you come visit me soon. tootles.


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