shh i’m in class.

sis + sis

where have we been? hate when life gets too busy to write. no worries though, we are back in action. things have just been plain crazy. between school + my market colors internship + k’s scare i’ve just barely had time to breathe. my graphic design classes are kickin’ my butt. but i finally enjoy what i’m learning. (now can i graduate?) in other news, i got a new car!!! so incredibly thankful that God worked that out. now i can sit at a red light without having to pray i make it through the intersection without my car overheating. it’s the little things. ruby (yes, that’s her name. way cooler than a name like hefe… sorry stef) is a stick so that has been… an adventure. i’ve only stalled a few times out on the real road. people honk. i smile and wave, then start her up again. i’m a work-in-progress.
 and more exciting news, i just got hired at rifle paper co.! i know beck, i’m flipping out too. stef, you’ll soon see why. rifle has the cutest prints ever and i’m so inspired by their design. days are slowly getting better + less stressful as i can see the end of school coming. k has been over a lot lately and it has been the best thing ever and has made my stressful days sweeter. all he wants to do is run around and catch minnows and giggle. i could just eat him up. it’s seriously incredible to see him eating and being silly and walking!!! god was just being typical him and going beyond answering the prayers we were praying and blew our minds with k’s healing. we are so thankful to have presh back.
 photophoto (1)
(side note, every tuesday i do a social media fast. but i sacrificed today just for the sake of the blog #yourwelcome)


okay now before my teacher notices, i have to go back to pretending to pay attention. don’t tell mom!


catch y’all on the flip side!



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