big day for k.

stef. how jealous am i of your bathroom remodel? you and s belong on HGTV! seriously. i am so excited to see the finished project and to use it when i come see you. which will be very soon. can you put in heated tiles for my feet?

as you know, k is no longer a baby. the big 1 came too quickly. he celebrated in style. and we praised the LORD for his health. can’t say a day goes by that we don’t celebrate the miracle God did in his little life.


i was able to find a local bakery that makes vegan gluten free cupcakes. since k is allergic to eggs, dairy and gluten, these cupcakes were a must! he picked it up, smashed it in his hand, and proceeded to eat all the crumbs. he even fed me and j some. sweet little angel.

we visited daddy at work and we were enthralled by the fountain.


i can’t believe my baby is one already.

went to the sugarland concert with j. it was fab! the lead singer is pregnant and she had a cute bump and all i could think was how is she belting out these tunes while she is with child? i am a lightweight. singing in church was a chore for me when i was pregnant with k… it made me winded. pathetic with a capital p. ooh, check out this new band we heard! they opened for sugarland and i really liked them.

let’s see, what else. still no gluten around here. j is a trooper trying these new recipes. lots of quinoa and brown rice bread. i am learning to like it all! here is a new recipe i tried for dairy-free “butter.” k and i like it a lot. i put it on g-free bread, veggies – everything!

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Oleolux Recipe


  • Onion
  • Chemically non-hydrogenated coconut fat/oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Garlic

1. Put 4 oz. of flax oil into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator.

2. Heat 1 cup of coconut oil with a medium-sized onion cut into 4 parts. Sauté until the onion starts to brown (5 to 8 minutes). Add 10 garlic cloves and continue sautéing until they are light brown (which takes about 3 to 5 minutes). Pour this mix through a strainer into the cold flax oil. Stir and immediately put back into freezer compartment. When fully cooled, put into and store in fridge.

i also bought dr. budwig’s cookbook. lots of yummy recipes including this one that i eat for breakfast! i don’t use quark because i pretty much have no clue what it is and i haven’t taken the time to figure it out. wasn’t that the name of the dog on honey i shrunk the kids? that movie reminds me of little caesar’s pizza nights with our once-per-week-only friday night soda. we had/have the best parents ever.  hmm, pizza. going to miss it. need to find a good recipe for gluten free pizza crust this week. also flippers needs to come up with an acceptable (yummy) gluten free pizza. anyone out there, hint, hint?

what is this, you ask? my new best friend. baking soda. why didn’t i discover its amazing-ness much earlier in life? have been putting it in k’s bath. his rashes are clearing up on his legs! i soak my feet in the bath with him for a quick pretend pedicure and it makes my feet oh-so-soft. also – i add 1 tsp of it to my shampoo once a week. makes for great hair. don’t tell sammy since she thinks she’s the prettiest sister already. ha. what else… j and i have been making a past of 1 part water, 3 parts baking soda and washing our faces with it. it works great. i add it to my laundry detergent, my dishes, and even scrub the tub with it. what more could you ask for. try it sis… you are missing out if baking soda is not an integral part of your life.

oh sis, k is a pointing machine! he learned how one day and points at absolutely everything. you will die when you see it. it melts my heart. i am one of those annoying moms who is proud when their kid picks their nose. it’s true. but you will be the same way one day. being a mommy is my favorite. being your sister is pretty great too. love.


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