GAPS update month 2.


our trip to see you was pretty much the highlight of my year. it was incredible. so great to spend time with you and s and for k to get to see his auntie and uncle. he is one loved, blessed little boy. i am pretty sure k did way too much shopping for his own good, but he is still a man’s man, obviously.

time for an update. we are in month 3, having completed month 2 of our GAPS journey. k’s progress is simply amazing. his dr. can’t believe how fast he is healing. k has been inches away from a failure to thrive diagnosis, mixed with being on the ASD spectrum. as a mama, both these things have been cripplingly hard to deal with. but God had bigger plans for k. took him to see the dr. 2 weeks ago. she laughed when she saw him. cried a little too. he walks. he talks. he just keeps coming further and further out of the “toxic mess” his little body was in. (her words.)

progress we are seeing 2 months in:

– k says at least 4 words! ball, dada, dirt, bottle

– he tries to walk all by himself and is pretty good at it most days!

– increased eye contact

– able to interact, play, and listen to commands

– happier moods

– improved digestion

– less night-waking (used to wake up screaming)

– eczema basically GONE!

and the list goes on and on. this has been nothing short of a miracle. while it can be very frustrating and slow some days (k is stuck in stage 1 of the intro diet and may be here for months. you slowly add the recommended progression of new foods, watch for a reaction, and either proceed or stay put based on symptoms returning or not. k’s symptoms have worsened every time we try to add a new food, so we are staying here, where his body is thriving, for now.) but we have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving – and always.

such as – i got my boy back and i am loving every minute of it. was reading some GAPS blogs this morning and one mama said she knows people just look at her son and think ┬ájust “grew out of it.” but she knows the reality of how GAPS healed her son. that’s sort of how i feel too. lots of people haven’t what we have seen. but they didn’t live in our house on the days when he would wake up and we didn’t know who he was. a silent, staring, mostly unresponsive soul in our boy’s body. praise God for this indescribable gift that is ours after just a few months of prayer and persistence.

“if gratitude is an antidote for anxiety, and giving thanks is a real cure for stress, we don’t have to relegate thanksgiving to a holiday, for giving thanks to God revolutionizes all our days.” – ann voskamp

and it’s not over. true digestive healing takes lots and lots of time. it’s not a quick fix, and it’s not cheap or easy to cook this way, to make chicken broth every day, to make everything from scratch, to avoid restaurants, to try to get fermented cod liver oil into your son with a medicine dropper… i ain’t saying it’s been fun around here. but results were what i wanted and they are what i am getting. it is all so much easier to understand for me because i am going through it myself. i have severe digestive issues as well. GAPS is a miracle diet that really isn’t all that complicated when you think about it, and it just medically makes the most sense. your digestive system can be a source of nourishment for your body, or it can be a major source of toxicity. thanks to GAPS, k’s body is healing from the inside out. he’s like a little tree and his roots are getting nourished. his skin, his hair, his face… just all look so…bright.

oh… and my little engine that could, mr. “well he didn’t grow again this month” is packing on the weight. he looks SO healthy. i am so overwhelmed with God’s blessings. what a different thanksgiving this will be for me. i never truly understood the depth of God’s gifts until this year.

so sad. but LOL, right?

now get down here and let’s eat turkey and shop til we drop on Friday then watch a christmas movie! later sis.