he is my cupcake.

stef. omg. i made the granola, smoothie, and the apple crisp! the hubs, who is not normally a huge sweets fan, dubbed the apple crisp none other than “crispy-licious.” that’s a good sign. i love sharing recipes with you! here is a yummy one for you: mexicali sliders. they are on chef chloe’s website. we had them tonight and they were so good! they taste even better knowing just how healthy they are. k even munched on some black beans while i made them. happy momma.


well, when we returned from our trip, what did we find in the backyard? a swing set! k was ecstatic! actually, we were. j says even without the wagon (which you stole from us), our backyard kicks your backyard’s tail. seriously, it was the sweetest thing ever. k’s grandparents are incredible. we play on it a minimum of 3 times per day and usually a maximum of 5.



reading lots of books these days. k is soaking everything up. he is a red-headed little sponge with a touch of naughtiness. but i love it. our favorite is this baby:




i will be buying it for your offspring one day so please refrain. our cousin j told me and mom about some really cool books called indestructibles that babies can crinkle without ripping them. k is going to be needing these too. in other news, zoey is taking one for the team daily. she is so patient with k pulling on her face and poking her eyeballs all the time.




i am getting so excited for boutique for a week! it’s coming in a month and i can hardly wait. how much do i love consignment?! well that’s about all that’s happening down here in the FL. that apple crisp is beeping to come out of the oven! gots to go.


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