cool as a cucumber.

stef. it was a great trip. on the way up we sat in a row of 3 on the plane. me with k on my lap, j beside us, and a little boy named mark beside j. mark was just a kid we sat beside for an hour. but i believe God sent him to us specifically for that hour.

j and i watched as he started to open a present. his dad (who sat in the row behind us) had placed it on his lap as the plane started to taxi. all of a sudden i knew what the present was and i started blubbering before he got it open. yep, stef, you guessed it – a coloring book, crayons, spiderman stickers, and best of all…silly putty. all of a sudden i was back in the minivan in our assigned seats to keep the fighting to a minimum and we were opening our vacation presents. the dollar store cheap toys that are so cheap but mean so much. and i couldn’t choke back the tears as i remembered our parents’ love for us in such a simple way that continues to have an impact on my life. part of it was nostalgia for the simpler days. but more than that, it was remembering again the sacrificial and intentional love of a mom and dad like ours.

we found out that mark was adopted from haiti during the earthquake. he was 18 months old at the time and 8 pounds. kidney failure, dropped off at the hospital by his father, almost dead. his parents were doing medical missions and took him home. took him home, gave him a new life, and made him the sweet, mannered, darling, LOVED child that clearly is today. and as i thought about that, all i could think of was our savior and how adoption is the clearest picture of his love for us. it was a great reminder.

had the best time ever in the ol’ heartland. the sis in law shared the greatest recipes with me that k can eat! really, as it turns out, he does best on a vegan diet. which is basically no animal stuff at all. weird. i never dreamed i, lover of all things meat and dairy, would have to feed my kid vegan stuff. but here’s the catch. the recipes she shared with me are de-li-cious. currently, i am stuffing my face with these babies. to die for. thank you, chocolate covered katie for your yummy blog, and thank you sis-in-law for telling me about it!

feeling cool as a cucumber these days. digging deeper and deeper into this nutrition stuff because it fascinates me now. food was my problem. food was k’s problem. we are watching all our ailments slip away as we get farther and farther down this road called food. also, the hubs is a believer. he says he has a new wife and if food can do that for me, he is wondering what it can do for him. yay!

what is all this healthy food doing in my house?

reading for this week… going to get my hands on this book about the relationship between disease and diet. i am a believer and just want to read as much about it as i can. oh, and check out me and k on the boat! he passed out and slept in my arms. it was bliss.

sis, did i mention i miss you? because it’s getting a little ridiculous… you have to see k. he is even yummier than these fudge babies i am devouring. L-to-the-ater.


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