mr. fix it

beck. how cute is k with his new swing set. i must come down to fl and play with him! can’t wait for birthday pics of my boy. noticed i haven’t posted in a while? it’s true. life has been busy and a little messy. here is what we are in the middle of:

Imagebye bye small bathroom, hello big bathroom with big tub!

Imageif you are looking for potty privacy, our house is just not the place right now. i am afraid our bathroom opens up to the living room right now. open floor plan we are calling it. tmi? it’s true.

but s is so handy and studly and has built us a wall and a little nook for my super sweet roman tub that he gave me as my wedding gift. told you. he’s the best.

Imagefirst bath in the new, well not quite new, bathroom. and boy was this a treat. we were without water for four days and s worked until 2am the last night just to get me water. guess i can add smokin hot plumber to his handy man list. 

we are still in the process of bathroom remodeling and i took that picture a week and a half ago and the bathroom still looks pretty much the same becuase while in the midst of bathroom demo, this happened:

Imageand by this, i mean our air went out. but good news! we have a new window. ugh. s wont let me cook because it heats up the whole house. that’s almost worse than living with no air conditioning! a week and a half with no air is slightly insane in AL but we keep telling ourselves it’s preparation for our dreams of living oversees. oh and since we are on the topic of no running water and no air, our washer went out too. thank heaven for super sweet sister in laws who let me use their washer. life. savor. 

as much as i love to help s, or at least try to help s with the bathroom. sometimes i am just no help. so here is what i have busied myself with. yep. diy.

Imagebye bye shower curtain…

Image… hello kitchen curtains!

bye bye boring white pantry doors (oops no before!)…

Imagehello chalkboardy curtain cuteness!

old picture frame, scrap book paper, old drawer handles and….

ImageImageImageImagewala!!! love my new last name. 

so much more to post but i think i have maxed out on my pictures. give little k a kiss for me. can’t believe he turned one! still waiting on our visit from beck and k….

happy birthday sweet k! uncle s and auntie tess love you! (and will NEVER forget the 12 hours we spent in the hospital waiting on you to get here. s is such a trooper.)



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