kitchen! kitchen!

stef. today the unthinkable happened. i got up before 8 am. and then something else that is totally unthinkable happened right after that. i went for a run. i feel like a million dollars right now. things have been a little strange since k’s bday… found out i had celiac’s disease, then found out i actually don’t (via blood test) and then found out what i actually had, that was causing all my back pain, wasn’t grain… it was… kidney stones. there are no words for the level of uncomfortable-ness these microscopic things cause.

feeling better for now. i think it’s out, but gosh that thing looked like the end of a toothpick. how it could cause so much pain i don’t know. the best part was, when i told people what had been causing my pain, most of them could only offer me a “oooh, those are supposed to be super painful” or a ” oh my gosh, you’re going to be in the er when you pass that.” not the encouraging, uplifting “get well” that would have gone a long way. that’s okay. cranberry juice is the only friend i need right now. 

let’s see. been cleaning all morning, blah, blah blah. my kitchen is finally done! what do you think? i am so obsessed with white cabinets.




been loving these new teas i have been trying. they are by yogi and they are fab. i used to hate tea, but since coke is a big no-no for me these days, tea is my new love. try the kidney and liver detox, and the peach kidney detox. so delicious. i have been sitting on the couch beside my love drinking tea and watching the olympics every night. going to be de-pressed when they are over. oh, and around 10 pm we get little k up for an extra bottle because he keeps losing weight every time we go to the doctor. this is him after his late night snack.



so excited about your new job! you are going to be the best teacher ever. well, except for me. but you know that. so s is having a birthday coming up soon huh?! what does your man want for his birthday? you should make him this super festive wreath i am making for k’s party. and i hear him on the baby monitor. that means me time is over but i love when me time is over because that means it’s us time. a little k time goes a long way and you really need some don’t you. love.