duck pond.

stef & sam,

i am writing to you with the sounds of zombies shrieking in the background. it’s slightly distracting. j can’t get enough of walking dead. halloween is by far his favorite holiday so he is on cloud 9 these days with all the pumpkin carving and orange lights and spooky-ness in the air.

k and i have been going to the duck pond like it’s our job. every day he asks to go feed them bread. then he holds the bread, plays the drums on it, puts it on his head, and makes bread balls to throw to the duckies. he then always proceeds to tell me “mommy, bread…tummy hurt, sick.” he is the best listener. how many times have i told him that he and i can’t have bread?  he reminds me not to worry and that he knows in our family, bread is for the birds 🙂 today he had a massive come-apart complete with kicking, screaming, and growling. ended up laying him on the floor to do his thang and then he got up, came in, and said, “hi mommy.”  i’m thankful for tantrums these days. i might be the most thankful mother on the planet. can almost guarantee that. this boy has progressed leaps and bounds since last year. i am amazed God let me be his mom because he is one heck of a little fighter. added another new food and no reaction this time – butter! let’s give a big shout out to paula deen.



fall is the best time of year to eat the way we do. tons of soups and stews and lots of nourishing bone broth. i made j this yummy shrimp recipe tonight. super fast and easy and s would love it, stef! also, my favorite go-to easy meal these days… a smoothie packed with nutrition. try it girls, try it! i promise the raw egg/salmonella thing isn’t something to worry about! i have eaten at least 6 raw eggs daily for the last few months. and i have put on 8 pounds! k and i have tried so hard to gain weight and it’s finally happening! it’s all that good fat we’re eating. #fatdoesn’tmakeyoufat! #ipromise!


below you will find a card send from none other than our mother to little k. he got it in the mail today and was so happy. apparently grammy is a little sidetracked with the wedding and everything, because this was her message. see if you can find the blooper. pfffff. sorry i’m not sorry, mom. #loveyousillymama


girls, the roller is available! at wholesale price and only available through halloween! i am loving this rodan + fields side gig. it’s so fun to work with leslie and all these other amazing women. and it doesn’t take up much of my time – super part time and flexible and perfect for being a stay at home mom. don’t squeal but j loves the products. we used the macro the other night…had a little dead skin cells party. he was impressed.


i miss you two like whoah. g’night.


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