think pink.


how sad are you right now that we are living it up sister style and you are oh-so-far away? harsh, i know. beck and k made the trek up to see me and they will be bringing me home tomorrow so we can celebrate our soon-to-be sister’s wedding shower. i am going to wear heels in attempts to walk like a lady and not a football player.

speaking of heels… beck has been whining for weeks that she couldn’t find gold heels for the wedding. i took her to the monstrosity of a DSW that we have here in the ol’ town center and…bam. there they were. k ran around peeking in every shoe box screaming “batman!” “coffee!” not sure how those two are related but he was the funniest little moog in the store. ok, so do you have these boots? we saw a knock-off pair at ross for $25! don’tcha wish you hadn’t paid full price? they had them in beck’s size but she did the sister thang and wouldn’t even try them on because they didn’t have my size. #makingsisterpoints


we stopped at the pumpkin patch so k could pick out a “punk” for my coffee table. he was extremely indecisive and particularly obsessed with the stemless pumpkins.


so blew my stinkin’ mind away to watch k eat. i remember the days when he would cry and refuse all food… there really is something to this GAPS diet beck won’t shut up about. i couldn’t believe hearing him talk in sentences and watching him run around so happy. he has come so far from the “blah” days he used to have when mom and i used to babysit. it broke my heart to see him have such little energy and it is so refreshing to see how God has used this diet to transform our nephew’s life! he actually instructed me on how to buckle his stupid space carseat when i couldn’t figure it out. #babymamadrama


right now we are watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, though neither of us actually want to lose the gems we got, am i right? it’s only half sister time without our third sister. and let’s call this tbtuesday and head on back to the “pink days” with none other than barbie herself. holy mother of pink i can’t believe there was a music video all along.

here are a few more pics of our shenanigans tonight. lots of love.



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