sunny and 75.

sam & stef,

have ya’ll heard that new song by joe nichols – sunny and 75? love it. and that was basically today. peeked my head out this morning and was greeted by – a surprisingly cool wind. so i made k finish his breakfast super fast so we could run to the park and enjoy it! there was this sweet older woman sitting on a bench beside me and k while he threw rocks in the pond, and she had her grandson with her. out of nowhere she just started encouraging me and talking about Jesus and how his yolk is easy and his burden is light. made me tear up right then and there, because i needed to hear that today.  i love when you meet people who just can’t help but talk about Jesus. 

made some broth today. here’s my recipe. super delicious and hearty and full of minerals and nutrients. we make soup with it, and when i’m out and have to use water to make soup, it just doesn’t taste the same. #canwesaysnob? here’s our fav soup these days: spaghetti (squash) soup. deeelish. yes, those are chicken feet and heads in that pot. i know, crazy. but they make for a super gelatinous broth! if you don’t believe me that you should be making your own broth… you shouldread this, believe me, and start making your own broth. Ha.


k is rocking and rolling with the potty training. cracks me up because sometimes all he can do is get out a drip, but he tries so hard that i give him a sticker anyway. here he is adding to his new potty chart. this boy is the sweetest.Image

we took k to the pumpkin patch tonight! he ran around like a crazy man from pumpkin to pumpkin. we kept telling him to pick one out but he was too excited to stop and focus to pick one up. in his words: “punk patch, punk patch!”


stef, j and i listened to the sermon you sent us last night. great reminder that we forgive because we’ve been forgiven.  we planned to have a nice night together and after we listened to the sermon we started watching new girl and i fell asleep. ugh i am just like you stef… 9:30 hits and my eyelids won’t stay open. p.s. i’m pretty convinced one ms. jessica day is the reason i took the plunge and got bangs. lol.

so tomorrow’s my business launch party for rodan +fields! wishing so much that my sisters could be here! i love you both to pieces and really miss you. as mom would say ” i have a tear in one eye” right about now. ta ta for now.






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