the third sister lives

stef & beck.

it’s my first post! indeed, the third sister does live. jax has been treating me pretty well. on most days i wear my bathing suit under my clothes to school so i can go read some sweet beth moore at the beach right after class. i’m not hating this summery october weather. sorry you two.


i got to go to gville this past weekend to see j. we had way too much fun together. and he took me to the gator game. beck, k would have loved it. we’ll have to take him to a game sometime. in other not-so-fun news, my car decided to get really hot and stop working while i was there. thank goodness j was there to take care of everything because us sisters don’t know the first thing about cars. since his car has been broken too, we were both car-less for the weekend. but that didn’t stop him from making me dinner. he ran all the way to winn-dixie to buy the ingredients to make a chicken parmesan and noodles dinner. complete with cookie dough ice cream for dessert. isn’t he just the sweetest?


counting down the days until sister time.



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