loving this biz.


has it been too long, or what? just have to fill you in on life down here these days. so, i’m pretending it’s fall. bought some boot socks for 5 dollars at target. why? i don’t know, it’s still miserably hot down here. but i can dream. j + k + i are going to put up the halloween decorations and visit a pumpkin patch this weekend. here’s k outside of whole foods’ little pumpkin display. couldn’t you just eat him up?Image

i am thrilled because i just started a new business. i became a consultant for rodan + fields, working with the doctors who created proactiv. they are now focusing on aging skin, and their products are incredible. what really intrigued me was the business aspect of r + f, though.  so the fabulous leslie bishop, YOUR former boss, is now MY boss! she got me hooked when i saw that she was using this business to pay her mortgage, fund preschool, and both her kids’ college funds. i started thinking, hmmm… there really must be something to this. so i jumped in. i asked j, of course, and he said to go for it because i’d be great at it and i had nothing to lose – isn’t he sweet? my kit came today and my kitchen table is now my office. we eat at k’s little table in the kitchen lol.


here’s a link to my product site! check it out sis… wish you could come to my business launch next thursday at 7 pm… maybe you could fly in for a few hours? i wish 🙂 can’t say enough about what an amazing business r + f truly is. they are a fresh, new, rapidly growing company and i’m so glad i got in early. i am loving the amazing group of women i get to work with, especially leslie!

a few more pics of life around here lately:



the Lord is really teaching me these days to look to him each morning for strength. k and i have a memory verse – jeremiah 30:17. “but i will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.” it’s been a great reminder as we continue to walk through our health problems, which is a day to day thing. but we have seen so much progress. more on that later. reading a great book with emily, my wonderful bff who is actually celebrating her birthday and turning the ripe old age of 28 on this very day. whaaat? i knew here when we were 16! anyway, #happyhappybirthdaytoyou! so the book is by stormie omartian, called finding peace for your heart. you should check it out.

oh how i miss you. let me count the ways. love you sis!


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