tomorrow! tomorrow!

beck. BECK! you are coming t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w! eeeeeeeeekkkkkkk. can you tell i am a little excited? and fall is just breathtaking here. i can’t wait for little k to see all the changing leaves and pretty scenes here. to do list:

1. go to the pumpkin patch
2. library
3. park
4. SHOPPING (sorry k)
5. bake something fallish
6. go to the zoo
7. sit and play with sweet little k all day and catch up with oodles of sister talks

feel free to add to that list 🙂 in other news. went to jax this weekend and got to see my little B! so so so sweet and so so so smart. check out his and B#2’s costumes for halloween this year.

cutest little chic-fil-a cows!

it was so fun catching up with sweet friends and remembering where we met and married. we even got to see the blue angels fly at the air show. so neat! k would love it. maybe when he is a little older, the noise might scare him. but leaving jax left me with a mean sinus infection. phhhewwww never been so thankful for a sinus infection. got the diagnosis from the doc and literally said “thank you jesus”. so glad it was nothing contagious so k can still come! i did however stay home from work yesterday to go to the doctor and may have stayed in bed until 11. shhhh don’t tell.

my little ones at school are just cuter than words. i adore them! so wish you lived closer and could come help in our class. did i tell you i have 5 red heads in our class. that’s half the class! God knew i was going to be missing k something awful so he gave me some red heads to make me smile 🙂 here is what we have been doing:

each day we add something to our class pumpkin!

Imagewe celebrated the letter “P” by making our P chicka chicka boom boom trees and paper bag pumpkins!Imageand our PJ’s and pancakes party was a success! k would love to read, if you give a pig a pancake.

last wednesday was pumpkin patch day! the kids loved it. the pumpkins were as big as them! side note: it also happened to be “turn the town pink day”. guess who didn’t get the memo? this girl. being pumpkin patch day i show up in my bright orange shirt (which mind you i of course had to go out and buy the day before since all i own is white, beige, tan, grey and black. don’t worry, i’m starting to branch out). let’s just say the entire school, all the parents who came to help, and i kid you not, the whole town had on pink! there’s me sporting my bright orange shirt clearly reinstating that yes, yes i am the new girl in town just incase you forgot! it was hysterical to say the least. think i’m exaggerating? a mother came to pick up her child that day and looked at me and said “oh, you are the girl who was wearing orange in the picture!” yep. true. story.

but having the amazing hubs that i do, s came home that day with this for me. 

he wanted it to be official and being the smart husband he is, he knew monograming a cute tote bag makes the new name officially official!

(notice the pink shirt i HAD to change into for our church meeting that night)

s and i are soooooo excited to see you! give little k a kiss for me and tell him that auntie tess can’t wait to play all weekend long with him!

oh and this many days until i see you (and k and mom and sam!):



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