beck. its true. you have had the last three posts. i am so overdue. please forgive me? all i’m saying is i am sure glad we made up a secret language when we were little and the one phrase (which still remains to have never been actually translated) we remember happens to be our password on here. sistas for life. anyhoo. K!! K!! K!! oh how i LOVE hearing of his health. it brings tears to my eyes thinking about all you have done for him. all you have fought for. the loneliness you felt through it all. and all the statistics and charts that sweet precious k has gone leaps and bounds off of all because his mommy didn’t quit. i hear you say often “i want to treat the cause, not the symptoms.” i can’t help but think of our savior who looked at us and said, “yep, all the odds are against them. lost cause. but i choose them. i will fight for them.” thanks for being such an example of the gospel to my little nephew and especially to me. i can only hope that when the storms come i will fight like you.

ok dry it up now. speaking of. blubbered my eyes out this morning when you texted and said you and k were coming this month! walked into work with the shades still on like mom used to do when she was trying to hide that she was secretly crying over missing t, or me, our sam said i love you. sheesh. i get it from her. love sal. not much new here in the ‘ville. loving teaching my sweet 3 year olds. we read caps for sale yesterday and oh how the memories flooded back. tomorrow is the very hungry caterpillar. it just never gets old. who knew making H is for House houses and rainbow fishies out of cd’s would be so fun. can’t wait for you to come see my classroom.



s and i are just about done with the bathroom. just needs a coat of paint and a few things here and there and we are DONE. did you catch that? D.O.N.E. moment of silence…. feels so good to say that word. sneak peak? ok here you go!



100% diy. obsessed with the floor and subway tiled walls. maybe a little too obsessed because i spent countless hours tiling and choosing the perfect rocks. yes, we did the floor the cheap way: garden rocks and polish. saved about $200. spent about $20.

i’ve been a cooking machine. it’s my outlet. not so much the eating part. just the cooking. ok who am i kidding? hello extra ten pounds that i swore i would never gain like most newlyweds do. consider this your warning: no fat jokes when you get here. s says its muscle. we LOVE s. in other news, who knew actually eating meals would do so much for you hair! hello curls that i thought had left me for good. i have become a war eagling woman. i think you have to here. friday in the south means dress up for game day and if you forgot well then you just aren’t american! or something like that. s and i were on tv for the LSU game. well, my arm was. but s was front and center clear as day! 

fall is here! fall is here! i suddenly know why lindz is so obsessed. al fall is actually… fall! not like fl fall that is just a plain ol’ tease with the leaves that just fall but don’t change colors. i’m talking leaves changing, crisp air, hot tea, smell of apple cider kind of fall. in love. lindz- you must come up here! in honor of all things fall and noel’s visit to the ‘ham last weekend we hiked oak mountain. so much fun. 



guess the picture doesn’t say so.

not too many diy projects these days because i am too busy a) finding creative things to do with my little ones or b) laying on the couch wiped out from my little ones. i did save this black beauty from it’s doom of the dumpster.



life is good at the jones house. we can’t wait for you and k to come up here! tootles.



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