these days.

stef. okay, enough’s enough. it’s been too long. went to the m-i-l’s farm this weekend and she said we have to get back to our letters because she misses reading. so here goes!

why have i fallen off the face of the earth these days? 2 words. GAPS diet. hardest thing i’ve ever done, but definitely the best, most incredible journey of my life. it’s a temporary protocol to heal the intestines (and thus, food allergies, leaky gut, autism, candida, bipolar, etc.) and whew, it’s intense. scary truth: disease begins in the intestines. heal them, stop eating foods that tear them the heck up…bye-bye disease. here’s the book that we read almost as much as our bible these days. (kidding.)

i will definitely post more on how we are implementing this around here in case you want to try it (haha). i am sure uncle s would love sipping on some meat stock while devouring some homemade sauerkraut. then he can wash it down with some boiled beets. de-lish.

oh sis, so much to tell you! k is improving leaps and bounds. the dr. actually uttered these words to me last week: “your child was on the spectrum. he isn’t anymore. he just doesn’t fit on it now.” music to our ears. k is a long way from healed, but we are seeing it happen and it is a miracle. to hear your doctor say that to you… there are no words. how many times have i heard it can’t be done, there is no cure… praise jesus that he made me stubborn and i didn’t listen to anybody. just to see this child eat… i never thought it would happen. giving him liquid through a syringe because he had such terrible feeding problems… those awful days are over! he’s a meat, veggie, broth eating machine! go k, go!

the thought keeps dancing in my head though. what if there hadn’t been an answer, a book, a protocol, a cure? what if this was going to be life? would i still be praising Him? some days are great days, and some days are awful as we walk through this healing journey. the doctor said it takes 2 years. she said when you get a bruise, you can’t make it hurry up and heal. you can’t do anything for it. you just have to… wait. but would we still be praising God if this was it? He is good regardless. what a hard lesson. love this quote by c.s. lewis:

“If you think of this world as a place simply intended for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place for training and correction and it’s not so bad.”

my happiness is not God’s goal or his ultimate plan for me. he is teaching me. teaching me patience, grace, hope. all these things i never wanted to learn this way at all, and most days when i pray i tell him i still don’t. health problems rob you of your happiness. but they can’t steal your joy if your eyes are on jesus. i have had some amazing opportunities to talk to other mommies who have encouraged me to remember that – ones walking the same journey as we are.

well, sis, you gotta write back. how i have missed this! can’t wait to hear about your weekend with the bff. oh, and did i mention k is obsessed with pumpkins? he holds them while he eats, gets a diaper change, plays with them in the tub. what oh what will we do when fall is over? ooh, check out this new song by thomas rhett. too bad i am doing the GAPS diet too and beer isn’t allowed. aloha.



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