he is mine.

beck. oh my oh my oh my. is that my little k standing up??? he is getting to be such a busy little guy. homemade-gluten free rice milk with a side of fermented veggies is nothing more than popeye’s can of spinach.. boom! he’s a crazy crawling bundle of cuteness again. he is a blessed boy. mommy’s know best. always. remember that. p.s. when you called with the good news about k i was sitting on my back patio journaling and this was the verse on my notebook.


love the message board. love that “we miss stef” is the biggest. bleach in the AC? is that a trick i have missed? anyhoo. keep taking care of my little k.

yesterday morning i sprung out of bed at 6:30 when s got up so excited for my first busy day here in bham. a preschool job interview, which went great and they were oober sweet, a lunch date with a friend. ptl. stopped by s’s work to give him a smooch and then off to the children’s botique which was ah-mazing. how much fun will that be.

so my runner-ok-not-so-runner skills are gone. or maybe florida had given me false hopes of ever being a marathoner with it’s flat land. hills= death. ok, drama queen moment over, but seriously. i walk for about 4 miles now in the mornings and there is nothing sweeter. oh how i had missed being outside in His creation, the headphones whispering sweet reminders of him. 

side note: what He taught me this week: praise him for being a God of reminders. remember the song “my whole life is yours, i give it all, surrender to your name”? or something like that. there is a line in that song that sings “i am yours and you are mine.” and just like that it hit me. i have forgotten that he is mine. how easy it is to remember we are his, but what a precious peace to hold on to to know that he is ours. i accept. there is nothing more in this world that i claim with the utmost thanks in knowing that he is mine.


this is where i stopped to pray. love.

remember the dresser you gave me. it got a diy makeover complete with craftermath which my amazing hubs took care of for me. 



she’s a pottery-barn-want-to-be beauty now!



oh. that’s us in the pic. eek!

mom and dad are on their way. gotta go prepare a place for my wagon. oops. sorry. tootles.

p.s. this house is for sale across the street. it’s got your name written all over it. just think about it. 

p.s.s is posting a pic of someone’s house totally illegal? hope not.



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