stayin’ the course.

stef. tuesdays aren’t much better than mondays on the boring scale. got a beautiful new orchid today to put on my wagon that is apparently driving itself to bham this weekend. sigh. i hope you enjoy it as much as i have. rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. that is the word of the day. that is all it has done here. k and i went to the mall with some sweet friends and their sweet little ones. k was a crazy banshee! climbing, crawling, and pulling up on everything in the mall playplace. side note. going gluten free is not super difficult unless you pass auntie ann’s pretzels. i think they smell even better than they taste. some days i fall off the wagon and eat flippers, the world’s best pizza, but i always pay for it by feeling not-so-wonderful the next day.

at home all we want to do is man the stairs.

k is improving so much on a gluten-free, casein-free diet! we are so excited around here at the progress he has made in just 5 days! we are almost completely eczema free, and digestive issues seem to be resolving as well. the writing is on the wall over here – i can’t deny the link between health and nutrition. more on this later.

i made 100% homemade baby formula today, so i know what every ingredient in his bottle is. might use this instead of the neocate, even though we have seen huge improvements on that. here is the recipe (i can’t take the credit for it) that i found here that i wanted to share for the future adorable blonde beauties you will have one day.

Rice Milk Infant Formula

Combine the below ingredients together and mix well, I prefer using the Magic Bullet for this job. Store in a glass container in the fridge for up to 48 hours, than discard. Try making a 1/4 of the batch first to see if your baby enjoys this option. It is brown! Don’t be alarmed – it’s the molasses.

4 cups Rice milk (Earth’s Own Ryza brand Original flavor is my first choice)

1tbsp blackstrap molasses (iron)

1tbsp flax oil (essential fatty acid)

1tbsp brown rice protein powder (heartlands organic is a good one)

1tbsp liquid infant multi-vitamin

1 drop of d-drops 400 iu

1/4 tsp infant probiotics

Disclaimer on the site: I recommend Genestra brand for all above supplements, but please consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before introducing this or any other formula to your child.

i tasted it and it was actually pretty good! you are right about the cod liver oil though. kinda nasty sounding, but oh-so-healthy! i can’t stay out of whole foods. they are going to ban me soon for being a creeper that comes every day.

ooh, also made… a jar of fermented vegetables! apparently as the vegetables ferment they become filled with beneficial bacteria, which feed on the sugars in the veggies, acting as a probiotic supplement. going to give k a go at some of the juice when these babies are done fermenting…ick. but supposed to be super healthy so we are pulling out all the stops here.

em came by tonight. she is the best friend ever. all we did was talk about life and my spirits are so lifted. nothing like a friend who challenges you and points you to jesus over and over again. also we made more cookies so it was a win-win. we are going on the boat this weekend with her and kenneth and k is going to get a tan. as if.

wanted to show you some updated pics of the kitchen. here is the message center. basically where we write our grocery list and scripture but we write so much scripture we run out of room for our grocery list. which would be why j just asked me for the thousandth time if i picked up more soap today and i said no i forgot because it’s not on the list and so now we will end up using the baby’s soap.


you should get jealous because guess who got tickets to see sugarland! this girl. thank you j for surprising me, and in advance for sitting through twang, of which you are not very fond. you are just full of surprises these days. he is just on top of his game. working his tail off at his job and coming home and just being a winner here too. pretty much feeling that can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-reach-for-the-stars-over-the-fence-world-series kind of love in my heart for him.

oh, and k has his appointment tomorrow with an alternative pediatrician. excited to hear about what she has to say. more on that later. i gotta go, miss you like whoa.


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