bama heat.

beck. why do i always get mondays. they are so boring.

k has the best mommy in the world. i love watching you take such good care of him. who knew water babies and american girl dolls were going to be such good practice for the real ones? one complaint: cod liver oil? dear k, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. yuck! i do however want the recipe to those yummy looking cookies you made. you need to teach me how to eat so healthy. 

this morning i did this.


and wished you were here. tracy is great, but she never sweats and always looks perfect and is never out of breath. i need a more realistic work out partner. and by realistic i mean out of shape. more or less i miss the days when i would show up at your house with my mat and weights to do my tracy workout while you sat on the couch looking up recipes and kept me company.

this weekend i went and watched s play in his flag football tournament. remember these days?


sad day. the “s” has fallen off and the “j” is not too far behind. unless i want to be rooting for “one 6” i need to make a new one asap. yes, if you were wondering the weather was 100 degrees out and yes, i may have looked like i jumped in a pool at the end. but it was all going to be worth it for a popsicle from steel city pops which actually ended up not being worth it. the popsicle that is. chocolate chili and avacado were the tasty-just-kidding-not-so-tasy flavors left. we went with the chocolate chili which got thrown out the window and caused us to make an emergency stop at the gas station for a mega mundo drink. whoever thought chili and chocolate went together for some trendy hipster (ok maybe not hipster but it seems like something sammy would eat right?) reason was seriously mistaking. 

looks like mom and dad are making the trek to bham this weekend. better say bye bye to this






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