thank you, kind stranger.

stef. absolutely love the cake pops. mom saved up some creative juices that bypassed me and ended up in you. it’s true. you are my inspiration. speaking of inspiration… this is a long story but you need to hear it. went to whole foods today with mom and baby k. love that place. super pricey but super worth it. actually bought some stuff i never dreamed i would be placing on a grocery store conveyor belt…



found out that chicken livers, cod liver oil, and probiotics are a must for k. he is having some digestive and food allergy issues that we are tackling over here en la case de Rey. (King for the layperson). so we are taking different approaches with him, including this new hypoallergenic formula, neocate. but more on this later.

back to whole foods. spent a whopping 95 dollars. to be expected, but i was super excited about all the stuff i got to make these paleo chocolate chip cookies using almond flour and coconut oil. they came out so good!


i just can’t stay on topic. back to my story. so we left whole foods quite a bit poorer. that is the unfortunate part of the story. then i was indecisive about which way to get home. did some illegal maneuvers and lane swaps while mom fed baby k his new formula in the backseat. i always wonder why she sits in the front with me because i know she’d rather be in the back just staring at k. she is totally obsessed. anyway, finally we realized we were not just on empty, but as mom puts it, “on empty empty.” pulled into 7-11 for some of the good stuff. as i was filling up the tank, someone hit my car. i didn’t even notice, that’s how light the bump was. however, sal (mom) didn’t miss a beat. she flew out of the car like a mad woman. a bat out of you know where. the guy came over and got out of the car, explaining that it was his friend’s car and could i please-oh-please not call the fuzz. he even said, i hit you with my mirror, so this is just a paint scratch and it should come out. to which i replied, ok, because he proceeded to rub some of it off with his finger. then the magic happened. the moment where i knew God was blessing me with this seemingly unfortunate occurrence. the guy insisted i take money for the damage. he handed me…you guessed it…almost the exact amount i spent on expensive exotic foods for baby k….$100. all i could think of as i drove away were astrid barker’s words from our Big Fat Liar days – “thank you, kind stranger.” got home and used a magic eraser and the scratch is gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday.

all the little ways God uses bad for good! lately i am just on the lookout because he is pouring blessings like rain in the midst of struggles. hard times have a way of pointing you back to the cross, reminding you that nothing else matters, and teaching you, even when you don’t feel like learning, contentment is a way of life that is gained through trials. …we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us. (Romans 5:3-5)

hope does not disappoint! praying for you and your studly new groom today sis! oh, and wish you could taste these cookies! i may not be a pioneer woman but i sure feel like i am on a crazy new adventure with all this health food. bye sis, i’ll be bock.


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