meet kit.

beck. i sure do love me some k. every time i see him in those cute fuzzibunz i just want to get in the car and drive to o-town just to squeeze those chunky thighs of his. #totalauntmove. obsessed with craftermath. so obsessed i looked up how to make it an official word. wikipedia official that is. basically how to make it an unofficial made up word from a source that is questionable so that kids in school can never write an essay using the word craftermath because their eighth grade english teacher says wikipedia is not a reliable source. on second thought. let’s just keep it our secret word. 

i made s shrimp scampi the other night for dinner too. great sisters think alike. i went with pioneer woman’s scampi goodness. s loved it. what would we do without all these amazingly domesticated woman that we can copy ideas from and make our husbands think we are queens of the kitchen? s doesn’t ask, so i don’t tell! confession: sometimes i think to myself while cooking, “can’t wait for s to get home and try this” in my best ina-garten-jeffrey’s-coming-home-tonight-voice. 

met a friend! and an added plus: she bakes the most delish cupcakes. (boy we really are all about the food. dads right. don’t tell him.) s and i went to her cupcake open house. best tasting open house i’ve ever been to. sweet B’s. check it out because we will be ordering some of these little heavenly creations when you visit me. 

made some cake balls as my “thank you” gift for the woman who hosted my shower here in t’ville. which then made me realize how much my love for cooking and baking has come out in married life. all leading to my next thought: i’ll work in a bakery! the hunt has started for the most perfect bakery. i am afraid previously mentioned cupcake raves have shut down cute quaint bakery’s but i am determined. and those cupcakes sure are tasty.


oh. thats kit my kitchen aid mixer. she’s just too pretty to leave out. 


the start of my craftermath. 


oh and notice the flowers that just appeared. s came home from work with them for me while i was cake balling it up. he is amazing. 

my thoughts for taking these pics of the cake ball baking process were to share the recipe with our readers. but being that it is sal’s and being that they are beyond delish. i have decided that for the love of hooking our readers i would leave it out. and in case sal strikes it big with her cake ball goodness, i will keep her secret. oh here is the final product. 


reason number 534 what s is the best: he was my chauffeur as we hand delivered each tasty bunch to their new home. 

last night s went for a run while i rode my bike next to him. two things wrong with that. one: it’s a beach cruiser. and we are miles from a beach. two: if that picture didn’t scream, “hi i am the out of shape other half who has to ride my bike while my hubs runs.” whatevs. at least we got a good laugh when i got my yoga pants stuck in the chain. 

bee photographie is putting up my pics today! let’s skype so we can oooo and aaahhh over them together.



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