monday monday.

beck. monday, blah blah blah. i hate when s has to go back to work. who decided you should work five days and the weekend only gets two? i vote a switch. remember when we were little and we would get so excited for dad to walk in the door after work? i’m borderline there. except lately i have been so covered in oil based paint that s sends me outside with a can of mineral spirits before he will get near me. our fun filled weekend consisted of a lake day with the clan. ten little ones all out on the water. so stinking cute. made me miss k. sunday we were so excited to go to this new church we wanted to try out called hope culture church. the website said it started at 10:30. we rolled up about 10:45 (on time to me of course) all to find out that it started at 10. we went to david platt’s church, brook hills instead. attempt #2 will be next week. we started the bathroom demo! dream bathroom here i come. s is extra dreamy when he is tearing down dry wall. Imagepretty soon my tub will be in the bathroom complete with water hook up and all. for now… i just pretend.

Imageoh and in an attempt to save money, s colored my hair for me. just a dark glaze to get rid of the red that our jamaican vacation gave me as a souvenir (no offense). s just keeps getting cooler and cooler. 


i met a girl out at mellow mushroom saturday night who is going to try to hook me up with a job. oober excited. it’s a high end children’s boutique in a cute little part of bham. how fun does that sound. k is going benefit from this one i am sure. fingers crossed! finished the kitchen. can’t wait to post some pics soon. off for a run. gotta get my honeymoon bod back. all this fun cooking for s is not working out so well for my once toned abs. that and a little tracy anderson should work. give k a kiss for me. tootles.


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