as dad would say – all about the food.

stef. oh my word. love that your man dyed your hair. and also that you shared a pic of s being Holmes on Holmes, who i am not-so-secretly in love with. it scares me that i have a thing for his fix-it-up-ness because he also wears overalls with a white tank top, which i remember dad doing when he was working on stuff when we were little. hmmm.

the extent of my diy this weekend was patching all the holes in the wall that were created due to a wild hair i got to move them all around for no reason. when your house is all decorated you have to create reasons to do more decorating which always results in pretty serious craftermath (noun: the mess that is left after you finally do that craft you saw on pinterest).  i did, however, make an amazing father’s day breakfast for j, and a really yummy shrimp dish by Ina Garten for dinner that I found. he was stuffed with food all day in the spirit of father’s day and seemed uncomfortably full. he still managed to eat his nightly pint of haagen daz though. our monthly ice cream bill is astronomical.


so. told you i started the no sugar diet. going amazing and my taste for sugar is actually going away…what?! used to have to eat chocolate about every 15 minutes. sort of joking but sadly, actually not joking. i need to get my recipes together and share some with you. i am not following it super strictly, but started it for health reasons and as a bonus, have seen all that baby weight just fall off. feel pretty fab all the time now. i need to work up to doing tracy with you (how about we skype and workout together? sounds promising). for now, stroller walks with zoey and k are my workouts. speaking of zoey…she was starting to smell like stale popcorn from her lack of hygiene because her mommy and daddy are always preoccupied with the baby. j gave her a bath this weekend while k intently watched. he is turning into a silly little nugget. he loves auntie tess. sounds like he is waking up from his nap. time to bounce.



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