a day in the life of k.

stef. love love LOVE the stairs. super jealous that you are so fab lately with so many projects going at once. i am impressed. think i will not do my stairs because i am sort of still in trouble for the striped wall incident. which was not totally my fault because t and l helped me.

we had cabin fever because it has rained so much this week. but… now all the plants are super green and we stare at them. yep. we look out the window, banging on it occasionally and also grunting. j put up a swing for k! he loves it. Image     

oops… is that the wagon from your wedding? the one that you were missing? how did that end up in my backyard… hmm. i should probably give that back to you. but it just looks so cute with our plants in it. i am older so how about i keep it.

oh, and here is k standing guard at the window. watching for daddy even though he won’t be home for 3 more hours.Image

our fuzzibunz are all the clothes we need lately! and mommy keeps making him wear this hat he got for christmas because she knows his head won’t fit in it much longer. have to sneak it on his head though, because he just wants to pull it off and either a) bang it on things or b) eat it.

k is becoming an incredibly mobile little sucker. the dog dish and daddy’s stereo are the two main areas of interest. however, this might be because mommy scolds when we touch it. pretty sure that’s the only reason those things are fun. favorite toys today: a wisk and a potato masher. k misses his auntie tess so much!


oh, and that’s my new white table, that used to be the color of the chairs that are not-so-white that i have not painted yet. i keep starting new projects without finishing ones first. that’s me. buhbyes.


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